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After fifteen years of top marketing positions with hospitals and other healthcare organizations including Saint Joseph’s Health System, DeKalb Medical and Visiting Nurse Health System, Pam transitioned into the agency world as Practice Leader for Manning, Selvage & Lee. She then extended her marketing skills into other industries through her work with Max2o, where she helped a range of clients hone and deliver their brand messages, including Powell Goldstein, Bennett Thrasher, McKesson, the American Cancer Society, and Northwestern Benefit. Pam’s expertise in corporate branding grew to include not only business brands, but consumer and employer branding, as well.

She started Relish on a bit of a dare from a long-time mentor and that decision has made her the happiest she’s ever been in her professional life. She credits Relish’s success to the tremendous support of her professional and personal networks and to her incredibly talented team and clients.

Pam’s marketing campaigns have generated numerous awards, including Hermes awards, American Marketing Association awards, and she is the recipient of the Silver Anvil, the highest award in public relations. Pam serves on the board of World Water Relief, which is focused on providing clean water and hygiene education to children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. With Relish, Pam is embracing a long-held dream and giving form to her personal vision of what constitutes excellent client service.

What inspired you to found Relish Marketing?

It was 2009 and many agencies were closing or downsizing including the firm where I was working at the time. I considered going to work on the client side, but a mentor helped me see the opportunity I had been given to do my own thing. The idea appealed to me. I'd already realized that smart strategy, compelling creative and a great relationship were key to success. So, I was drawn to create an environment where clients benefit from each of these, every time they work with us.

Entrepreneurial vision, marketing savvy, and shrewd business management are the three key elements that have shaped Mia Johnson’s career, in which she has championed the development, expansion, and management of both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Clients benefit from her ability to drive performance, conceptualize and bring new ideas to fruition, identify and capitalize on market opportunities, and build best-in-class marketing programs.

She began her career as a real estate broker, before joining medical device innovator Novoste Corporation, where she put her marketing and product management expertise to work driving growth of the company’s cardiology and brachytherapy product portfolio. She went on to direct the marketing process at a Taiwanese consumer goods leader, that secured Target, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, and Meijers as customers, and created a new package design for one product that produced a 40% sales increase for a big box retailer. Her work for Saint Joseph’s Hospital Translational Research Institute and Visconti Center for Robotics established and expanded their market share, fueling revenue and profit performance. Mia move to India, supporting the launch of a new surgical robotics program within Fortis Healthcare.

Deeply motivated to give back to the community, Mia has served on the board for several non-profit organizations. She also serves on the advisory board member for the Younger Women’s Task Force of Atlanta, a grassroots movement dedicated to advancing the rights of younger women, where she earned the organization’s top award for Community Service in 2011.

Mia is most excited to bring her entrepreneurial, healthcare and marketing experience together to benefit Relish’s clients. Her passion for working with clients is exceeded only by her drive for excellence and results.

How is the Relish experience unique?

Relish is a group of talented and creative individuals; we love who we are and what we do - and it shows. We place equal value on our relationships and our work product with strong internal, client and vendor connections. And our clients clearly benefit from our unique balance of veteran wisdom and dynamic, youthful talent.

A fascination with creativity, graphics and design as problem solving tools drive Michael’s approach to creative direction. His initial interest in architecture and modeling led to an Industrial Design degree from Auburn University, which in turn fed his awareness of how tangible and technological approaches to graphic design can come together to drive connection and loyalty.

Michael comes to Relish from Sky Design, where he developed environmental graphic designs, and from Leader Enterprises where he served as Senior Designer for brand development. Clients across a highly diverse range of industries – including General Mills to Radio Flyer to The Home Depot – have discovered how Michael’s hands-on approach enables their brand identities to work harder for them across a spectrum of traditional and unusual applications.

Direct engagement with each client’s challenges and goals continues to drive Michael’s creative leadership at Relish. “Ultimately,” Michael says, “it all flows back to defining questions, answering them and solving problems. That’s where the breakthroughs happen. That’s where we can be most successful. That’s where it’s fun.”

How did you first realize that you wanted a creative career?

I can't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated by creativity. I grew up loving to build with things – boxes, Legos, or anything that allowed me to create new spaces and settings. When my brother became an architect, I was fascinated by his models and drawings. And, of course, growing up in Florida, Disney World was a huge influence on me; the way their "Imagineers" immerse people in the entire experience really stuck with me.

Jennifer brings over 15 years of integrated marketing and communications experience to Relish.

Working with large national non-profit organizations, such as the Arthritis Foundation, Emory Healthcare, and SREB, she is known for developing and implementing projects that bring an organization’s mission to life. Jennifer has produced award-winning PSAs, digital campaigns and communications collateral, created strategy for internal communications and through her work with Relish Marketing helped companies establish their employer branding.

From her time spent as a freelancer for a variety of publications and organizations, Jennifer understands the need to know her audience and develop a strategy and product that speaks directly to them. That experience has helped her develop focused solutions that get to the heart of her client’s concerns — clients ranging from C-suite executives to state and federal legislators to educators, scientists and healthcare professionals.

What do you love most about your job?

At the end of the day, I love knowing that I have helped deliver creative solutions that solve tangible problems for our clients.

Paul became interested in graphic design during his college days – and has pursued it as his career ever since. His extensive background includes retail, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, education and other key industries. His fresh perspectives and deep understanding of classic design principles are evident in everything he creates – from print and 3D material to animated video and web content.

He loves a good challenge and constantly seeks ways to push the capabilities and limits of every application he uses to achieve the best possible results. He believes that great design requires the ability not only to balance size, position, color and simplicity, but also to infuse a design with emotion, inspiring a connection to the people who see it.

Paul relishes rich, seductive design at one end of the spectrum along with eye-stopping visual humor that grabs an audience’s attention. Most of all, he relishes being able to satisfy clients and keep them coming back for more. He says, “Finding ways to stimulate people visually and get a message across in the clearest way possible is a challenge, and that’s what makes the work continually engaging and fulfilling.”

What do you love most about what you do?

I love engaging and interacting with friends who are also co-workers, in an environment where we can drive each other's creative standards to even higher levels. And I get to partner with clients who "get it," who share our understanding of how big-picture business objectives can align with great design.

Corey-Jan comes to Relish with more than 20 years of experience in strategic communications – including brand and message development, creative direction and copywriting. She is also an award winning playwright and songwriter.

She began her career working in television for Good Morning America in New York, as well as at multiple Atlanta stations, where she honed her skills as a researcher, marketer and writer. Working independently and with top agencies, she rapidly became known for her ability to help clients identify goals and create the best ways to achieve them. CJ’s ability to translate complicated concepts into clear, persuasive messages that sparkle for their intended audience made her a valuable asset at Scientific-Atlanta (now Cisco), where she was a senior writer and creative director. Her speech and theatre background also made her a sought after scriptwriter for videos, live presentations and multimedia communications.

Insistence on words and images that seamlessly enhance each other to communicate on both emotional and intellectual levels has earned Corey-Jan significant recognition, including two “Stevies” for international advertising, IABC “Golden Flame” and “Best of the Best” awards and an American Marketing Association “AMY” award. She believes that everyone has a powerful tale to tell, which can affect what people feel, think and do. She is most excited about the opportunity to discover and tell each Relish client’s most compelling stories.

What drives your creative process?

I'm driven by curiosity, by a need to discover how disparate ideas come together to tell the best story, and by a desire to have fun with whatever I'm working on. It's a little bit like a game in which I have to identify how things are related, finding patterns and connections. I love playing with all the different ways to express specific ideas, because when I find the right one, the results are enormously gratifying.

A combination of big-picture, strategic vision with the ability to think both creatively and analytically defines Jasmine Blackwell’s approach to digital media. Through her extensive experience, she has leveraged that approach to help businesses monetize their own digital footprint and drive measurable results.

Prior to bringing her skills to Relish Marketing, Jasmine worked at media companies like Turner Broadcasting and NBC, where she managed media campaigns for companies like AT&T and Coca-Cola, and developed custom marketing solutions across programming channels ranging from primetime and syndicated television to events like the Super Bowl, the Olympic Games, and the Emmy Awards. Most recently, Jasmine was responsible for overseeing media planning and digital campaign management at Pandora Media. “I’m always looking to explore new ways to help clients find solutions to their problems – whether they’re about brand recognition, sales goals or something else entirely,” she asserts. “That’s what really drives me.”

Jasmine’s easy manner and curiosity enable her to explore geographic landscapes as well as digital ones. “Traveling is a never-ending adventure,” she says. “My most recent trip was to Barcelona and Ibiza. And every time I travel, I fall in love with the country, the people, the food, and everything else the journey has to offer.”

What do you find most inspiring about today's digital marketing world?

The digital landscape is always changing and with changes come new challenges to overcome. There’s always something new to learn, and there are always many ways to accomplish any given goal.

recent awards

  • Best Digital Marketing Agency 2018 - DesignRush
  • AMA Atlanta Amy Award - Kimberly-Clark Web Campaign/Microsite - Web & Interactive Marketing
  • AMA Atlanta Amy Award - Kimberly-Clark Social Media Campaign - Web & Interactive Marketing
  • Hermes 2017 Platinum Award - Core Dance Collateral - Pro Bono
  • Hermes 2017 Gold Award - Kraton Corporate Branding - Integrated Marketing/Company Branding
  • Hermes 2017 Gold Award - Taylor English Diversity Ad - Advertising
  • Hermes 2017 Gold Award - Kimberly-Clark Welcome Original Thinkers - Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Hermes 2017 Gold Award - Kimberly-Clark Welcome Original Thinkers - Social Media/Social Media Camapaign
  • Hermes 2017 Gold Award - Kimberly-Clark Welcome Original Thinkers - Talent Acquisition
  • Hermes 2015 Platinum Award - Goren Marcus Masino & Marsh - Branding
  • Hermes 2015 Platinum Award - Kimberly-Clark Protect K-C And Me - Video
  • Hermes 2015 Gold Award - Silverton Mortgage - Branding
  • Hermes 2015 Gold Award - Kimberly-Clark Employer Branding
  • Hermes 2015 Gold Award - Kimberly-Clark Project Innovation - Video


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