Targeted Digital Approach Gets Results for TRC in Growing Dallas Talent Market.

Employer Branding | Digital Experiences

Here was the situation.

TRC’s leaders found themselves facing what some would call “a nice challenge to have.” The company’s 40+ year foundation of achievements had empowered it to expand as a total talent solutions partner for many successful organizations. TRC’s advanced offerings were particularly fitting for a place like Dallas, Texas, whose talent market was experiencing significant growth in areas ranging from technology to healthcare. Recognizing this, the company’s leaders knew that the time had come to drive new awareness and engagement among the city’s businesses. And, having already engaged Relish Marketing for overall branding and communications support, they turned to us for guidance in this important digital marketing effort.

Together, we did this.

A deep dive into TRC’s digital marketing efforts revealed excellent opportunities to extend its Dallas-based audience and increase brand awareness, digital interaction and inquiries from specified geographic areas. We then developed a digital strategy combining search engine marketing (SEM) with audience extension tactics like geo-fencing, contextual targeting, and search/keyword retargeting. From there, we leveraged the company’s recently updated branding to create both targeted display ads and keyword-driven search ads directed at Dallas HR and business leaders. Then, we launched, monitored and managed the campaign, which ran over a five-month period.

Oh, so much better.

The digital campaign’s success was clear across multiple metrics. TRC’s display ads generated more than 200,000 impressions and a .20% click-through rate overall, with the most impressions and highest click-through rates coming from specifically targeted zip codes. Likewise, our search engine marketing efforts drove significant conversions, including direct inquiries that grew over the course of the campaign. Dallas-based interactions and awareness of TRC rose. And the campaign demonstrated an approach that could easily be individualized for success in other markets.

“The ability to see people paying attention within the geofences we defined, raising interactions and awareness was a real eye-opener for us,” affirms TRC Vice President of Marketing, Chelsea Eller. “Relish Marketing’s multifaceted, targeted strategy and tactics provided an excellent addition to our overall work together, advancing the TRC brand in our Dallas market.”