Silverton Mortgage

Mortgage Company Updates Brand to Reflect Innovation, Simplicity

Branding | Professional Services

Securing and closing the right mortgage may be the most stressful part of home-buying and home ownership. This unusual mortgage company was established to take away that stress – and needed to update its corporate branding – including look/feel and messaging – to better distinguish itself. Relish Marketing helped the professional services firm’s key stakeholders identify what makes Silverton unique, then focused those qualities into clear messaging and a fresh new logo that highlighted the difference that the company makes for home buyers, homeowners and real-estate agents alike. The visual core of the brand refresh reflects the S in Silverton, while also suggesting a songbird, because they are among the most communicative creatures and their entire existence – from hatching to mating – centers around their nests, their homes. We also sought to reflect ideals of simplicity and freedom, with gently curving lines suggesting wings spread wide over whatever horizon they might choose to explore.