Refreshing Photography for Columbia Theological Seminary

Branding | Photography

Here was the situation

An important piece of brand maintenance is keeping an up-to-date photography library. Even the most beautiful photos need to be refreshed; after all, there are only so many times you can use the same image before your audience starts to notice, and the styles and fashions of the people pictured can swiftly become dated.

That’s why Columbia Theological Seminary reached out to secure our help updating their photography. Their previous photos had been used in many communication pieces both internally and externally, and the organization determined it was time for a refresh.

Together we did this

If you have ever been to Columbia, you have almost certainly noticed two things: Its gorgeous campus, and the abundance of warm, intelligent, passionate people that create the seminary’s community. To best showcase these features, we chose a photographer with a background in architectural and wedding photography who could perfectly showcase the Columbia campus and its people. We worked closely with the photographer and client to create a detailed creative brief, schedule, and list of shots necessary to capture the essential qualities of the 200-year-old institution. To that end, we organized the shoot in two sessions – one to portray the campus during a school day, and the other to show faculty, staff, and students interacting during an event at the home of Columbia’s new president.

During both photo shoots, the Relish team coordinated models and communicated visual direction and client input to the photographer. Relish’s preparation and on-site guidance ensured that we captured the Columbia campus and its people at their finest. “Stepping foot on the Columbia Theological Seminary campus is an extraordinary experience,” said Jennifer Cuthbertson, Director of Marketing and Communications for Columbia. “The right photography can help bring that to life for our audiences. Relish was a great partner in refreshing our photo library, reinforcing our brand in a way that was smooth, easy and even fun.”

Oh, so much better

Today, Columbia has a refreshed photo catalog that fully expresses the organization. The campus, photographed with the late morning sun, looks beautiful and welcoming. The students and faculty look happy, comfortable, and engaged. Most importantly, the photos come together to reflect the passionate, inviting community that defines Columbia Theological Seminary.