How a “Sticky Plate” Helped Give Staying Power to a New HR Initiative

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As part of an internal communications campaign to introduce and promote adoption of new behaviors, we wrote and produced this workshop video to show what can happen when behaviors are ignored or dysfunctional. The comprehensive campaign includes workshop materials, email and web promotions, and a microsite. This project also won a Hermes Creative Award in 2012.

Here Was the Situation

To inspire a renewed commitment to performance in its team members throughout the organization, Kimberly-Clark established a set of six key behavioral expectations. These “One K-C Behaviors” offered a powerful framework for how all employees could best work together, holding both themselves and each other accountable. As the company’s Human Resources leaders prepared to introduce these behaviors, they realized that this initiative would become a critical component of the company’s guiding principles. Organization-wide adoption of these new behaviors was essential. So, the HR team was determined to develop a creative introduction that would fully engage employees and inspire acceptance.

Together, We Did This

Kimberly-Clark’s agency of record, Relish Marketing, was up to the challenge. Working together with Kimberly-Clark’s Human Resources leadership, we collaborated on a multifaceted campaign, including a multimedia teaser campaign, in person information sessions, role playing exercises, a poster contest – and a short sitcom-style video about a new product launch at Paprex, a fictitious, dysfunctional company. Using a narrative style similar to the then-popular television show, The Office, the video showed Paprex employees trying to do their best to launch the poorly-conceived “Sticky Plate.” And with no commitment to build trust, make decisions, win consistently, think customer, continuously improve, or build talent – all of which are One K-C behaviors – the process goes terribly, hilariously wrong.

Oh, So Much Better

The video was used in training sessions as part of an ice breaker exercise, making it easy for leaders throughout Kimberly-Clark to introduce the One K-C behaviors to employees. The response was excellent and today, the One K-C behaviors are fully ingrained in the company’s corporate culture. “People loved the Paprex video as an icebreaker and conversation starter because it was so much fun,” recalls Global Marketing Director, Frans Mahieu. “At the same time, employees quickly grasped the importance of our One K-C Behaviors. Today, those behaviors are such an integral part of the organization, it’s hard to imagine a time without them.”