Mueller & Associates, CPAs

Engaging Video Series Mirrors CPA Firm’s Powerful Style & Personality

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When Brian Mueller, CPA, founding partner of Mueller & Associates, CPAs was looking to produce a series of videos showcasing his innovative firm, he approached Relish Marketing. The videos needed to be sleek, powerful, and informative, like the company itself. And, they had to provide a sense of what it was like to work with Mueller & Associates, CPAs, while showing off the depth and breadth of the company.

From there, we worked closely with our client to gain a deeper understanding of the firm and to capture the energy, personality, and magnetism of its leader. At the same time, Brian Mueller, CPA insisted on spotlighting his team, explaining, “We work for passionate entrepreneurs, so we hire passionate people that have the same type of values and vision.”

The Relish team conceptualized the video, coordinating with key partners to make the process as smooth as possible, shooting the video on-site at the firm’s building, the One Mueller Center in Austin, TX. Following the shoot, we worked with Mueller and our editing team to tell the firm’s story in a way that would resonate both with the firm’s clients and prospects.

“From the start, I felt that Relish Marketing understood what makes my organization unique. The videos bring our brand to life in a way that usually only comes across in person. I’m eager to see how they support our firm as we continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients and grow.”

– Brian Mueller, CPA