Morrison Living

Integrated Marketing | Retirement

“Thought leadership” is a popular buzzword that some use as a synonym for whitepapers and blog posts. But true thought leadership – the kind that people seek out to support their businesses – requires a more incisive content marketing strategy that shows repeated successes over time. It’s what Morrison Living has done for years. As the number of senior citizens continues to dramatically rise, the leading senior services company continuously invests in generating deep insights into the market they serve. And, they turn to Relish Marketing to help communicate it.

For instance, we helped Morrison showcase how their work delivered transformative results for two of their clients. One project centered around their development of a “restaurant that could open to the public.” It not only demonstrated Morrison’s award-winning nutritional services, but also their innovative use of data analytics, educational offerings and creative design to ensure success. Another project highlighted how the company extended its proven internal recognition program to a client’s diverse hospitality workforce, driving better retention and satisfaction.

The Relish communications effort combined in-depth client knowledge with an engaging storytelling style. We also created a visual approach that blended the client’s brand with original photographic imagery and graphics. End result: compelling communications that engage, connect and inspire.