Cutting Through Clutter with Clarity and Leadership

Integrated Marketing | Medical

Here Was the Situation

Change Healthcare (formerly McKesson Technology Solutions) develops and delivers solutions to U.S. healthcare organizations facing significant challenges – and today’s may be the most significant yet. The dramatic shift from volume- to value-based reimbursement as well as new standards for diagnoses and procedures can be overwhelming. And the rush of tech firms, consultants and other companies promising answers may be even more so. The team at Change Healthcare had developed and proven solutions that could make a measurable difference to many healthcare organizations in a variety of different ways. But the sales team needed tools and content to distinguish and demonstrate the company’s leadership in an increasingly glutted marketplace.

Together, We Did This

Change Healthcare turned to Relish Marketing for an integrated marketing program, including content development for a broad range of strategic thought leadership material, working closely with the organization’s marketing, sales and subject matter experts, as well as select clients. We wrote case studies that demonstrated how real-world healthcare organizations were benefitting from Change Healthcare’s expertise to improve their revenue cycles and transition to new systems and technologies. Interactive eBooks provided engaging, easy-to-follow introductions to complex topics and ways to capitalize on them. White papers, blog posts and bylined articles offered sharp insights into critical issues, affirming Change Healthcare’s ability to support healthcare organizations facing similar situations.

Oh, So Much Better

The combination of these materials has made it easier for Change Healthcare’s sales team to attract new leads, reinforce leadership and demonstrate results. Equally important, Change Healthcare Senior Marketing Manager, Carrie Montagna, appreciates the ease with which the team at Relish researches and grasps complicated subjects, engages with internal leaders, elicits stories and quotes from clients, and communicates clearly. “We don’t have to spoon-feed or do the research for you. We can trust you to come to our subject matter experts with enough understanding to ask questions they’ll want to answer,” she observes. “Likewise, while Relish is willing to take projects at face value, you don’t turn off your creativity. If your research suggests a new spin on a given topic, a blog post might become a whitepaper or eBook. You work with an eye toward what we might need. That makes a difference.”



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