Lenbrook Open Inventory Integrated Marketing

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Here was the situation.

The first years of the 2020s saw a number of significant events converge for Atlanta’s Lenbrook senior community:

  • The Covid-19 pandemic was changing the way people communicated and consumed information, essentially normalizing online media for an entire generation of people who had resisted it.
  • The real estate market was exploding, turning comfortable homeowners into eager home sellers, excited to reap the financial rewards of downsizing.
  • Lenbrook was on the verge of completing its significant Kingsboro expansion, driving aggressive sales goals to minimize open inventory and maintain a healthy pipeline.

The community’s marketing and sales team recognized the opportunity to advance its communications with a multichannel approach that would reach its target audiences with the right messages at the right time, wherever they were. And they turned to Relish Marketing to help them achieve their goals.

Together, we did this.

Building on work we had already done to segment Lenbrook’s sales marketplace by need, focus, and readiness, the Relish and Lenbrook teams developed a multifaceted approach to engage each audience. A cornerstone of this approach involved the development and production of web-based, live, pre-recorded and hybrid events. We promoted the events through campaigns of segmented direct mail and electronic communications. A combination of print ads, organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search engine marketing (SEM) efforts across multiple search engines and social media sites reinforced Lenbrook’s messaging and brand among existing leads while also targeting and attracting new prospects.

We further supported the integrated campaign with online keywords, dedicated landing pages and phone numbers for each identified sales persona, which encouraged engagement and established metrics for inbound communications. Following each event, we also used the metrics to inform improvements to our content and approach for subsequent events.

Oh, so much better.

During a time when many communities struggled to attract residents, Lenbrook achieved 94% combined reservations and occupancy in the new Kingsboro at Lenbrook residences, and 98% combined residence reservations and occupancy in the Lenbrook’s existing residences by August of 2022. This is significantly higher than the industry average of 82% for the same time period.

Equally significant, following the most intense months of the pandemic, Lenbrook has been able to couple its thriving online events with a successful return to in-person events. The combination has continued to benefit the community as it informs and inspires new residents and their families.

Lenbrook Vice President of Sales & Marketing Allison Perry notes:

“At one of the most challenging times in our 30+ year history, Relish Marketing helped us to turn some significant challenges into communications opportunities, which have made a significant difference to our community. As more seniors than ever live their best lives at Lenbrook, we now stand poised to build on our momentum as we look ahead to a bright future together.”