Support for New App Release Encourages Adoption, Driving Business Forward


Here was the situation.

LeasePlan US is one of the country’s largest fleet management and mobility companies, managing fleets of vehicles for businesses all over the country. The benefits to clients are many – including the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their fleets will be reliable, up-to-date, and ready for their mobile team members. Of course, to ensure success, it is essential that fleet drivers – including sales reps, support staff, and delivery personnel – keep their mileage and maintenance records up to date. Which would be a tremendous hassle, if not for the MyLeasePlan App. 

The MyLeasePlan app enables drivers to log mileage, register and maintain their vehicles, and locate nearby fueling stations on the go, with just a quick tap on their phones. In 2022, the company created a significant update, providing drivers with more convenience and ease of use than ever before.  And they approached Relish to support its release.

Together, we did this. 

We began by exploring the App’s new and existing capabilities, gaining insights into the user experience. The Relish team identified an innovative online app demo platform that would enable fleet managers, drivers, and LeasePlan US team members to simulate the App user experience. With the new App Demo, fleet managers have the opportunity to easily onboard new users and update existing users on the App’s new features, including a completely redesigned mileage recording system and the implementation of important push notifications.

Relish also crafted imagery and messaging across a variety of channels, including social and email, to market the release to a wider audience, build anticipation and excitement for the update, and provide support to make implementation and adoption of the update seamless. We developed content for the App’s presence on both Apple App Store and Google Play platforms to encourage user downloads, installations, and use.

Oh, so much better.

Following the update, the App is used now utilized more than ever. As a bonus, the demonstration tool enables LeasePlan US to efficiently onboard new employees, and the LeasePlan sales team can use the App to showcase the product to clients and prospects.