Post-acquisition Rebranding

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Here Was the Situation

When Kraton Performance Polymers completed its acquisition of Arizona Chemical, it needed to move forward with a single, clear brand for the combined company.  That’s where Relish Marketing stepped in with corporate branding expertise.

Together, We Did This

We began by meeting with Kraton’s leadership, including key individuals who had originated with Arizona Chemical, to learn about their products, customers and culture and connect them to the new corporate mission, vision and values. We then conducted extensive corporate branding interviews with Kraton and Arizona Chemical customers, to get a sense of what they valued most in the business relationship. A deep analysis of the data revealed insights that ultimately informed our design of a contemporary, new corporate logo that would evoke qualities of unity and technical precision. We created a master brand architecture to clarify specific product families while reinforcing the overall Kraton identity. We also developed a new brand story and key messages to infuse their communications with consistent brand identity.

Oh, So Much Better

Since instituting the new brand, Kraton has updated its communications, providing a cohesive look and feel for all of its products, regardless of whether they originated from Kraton or Arizona Chemical. Equally important, both internal and external stakeholders now recognize Kraton as one brand that brings valuable, sustainable, reliable solutions to its customers worldwide.