Turning Serious Employer Branding Business Into Fun and Games

Employer Branding | Manufacturing

Here Was the Situation

In addition to developing innovative consumer brands, Kimberly-Clark also develops inventive ways to connect with consumers and job candidates, including Millennials who account for more than 60% of Kimberly-Clark’s new hires. After receiving great feedback from recruiters and candidates about the Welcome Original Thinkers employer branding campaign, the company sought new ways to leverage the eight Original Thinker types to further engage potential and current employees and spark fresh ideas. This effort was led largely by NEON, an employee group of new hires.

Together, We Did This

The result is IdeaStorm, a creative and easy-to-use brainstorming tool based on the eight Original Thinker types. Working together with Kimberly-Clark, Relish Marketing designed a set of playing cards that encourages players to think differently by adopting a specific thinking style. Each card’s bright colors and graphics sport the description of an Original Thinker style, an explanation of the brainstorming approach and a challenge to think differently. Individuals and groups alike can use the cards to generate new ideas.

Oh, So Much Better

Kimberly-Clark launched the IdeaStorm program internally and externally as a free tool on the Welcome Original Thinkers website. IdeaStorm has been featured in over 250 media outlets, including Yahoo Finance, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Dallas Business Journal, MarketWatch and And, in the program’s first few months, Kimberly-Clark employees enthusiastically incorporated IdeaStorm into their innovation sessions.