Core Dance: New Website Delivers an Enhanced Digital Experience


Here was the situation.

When the leaders of Core Dance, a Georgia-based nonprofit arts organization, made the decision to transform their website to enable a variety of digital experiences, they turned to Relish Marketing. Core Dance had built its reputation on artistic innovations and the ability to support and connect with a wide range of visual and performance artists; its website had to deliver a similar experience online.

Working together, we determined that the new website would need to be strategically organized, with a sophisticated look and feel that would be easy to look at and navigate. We would make it easy for people to engage with Core Dance events, available space, art exhibits, videos and more. The site would have to be easy to manage. It would have to deliver a seamless experience across multiple devices. And, of course, the new site would have to facilitate donations and purchases of tickets and other merchandise.

“There’s no time to be stalled or stale right now. Revitalizing our website during COVID-19 meant we kept moving. Relish’s work not only made Core Dance’s website updates easier, but they also enhanced our ability to share virtual content and continue to engage our audiences.”

– Sue Schroeder, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Core Dance

Together, we did this.

We began by moving the Core Dance site to a new platform that would support the team’s ability to quickly adjust and upload content, as needed. We developed an easy-to-follow navigation structure so that any visitor could explore available offerings and find specific content with equal facility. Then, we tied it all together with a clean, contemporary look and feel, much like that of the Core Dance physical space.

“Working on this project with Pam and her team was a pleasure. Our long time relationship means they understand us and we can spend our time making good work.”

– Elizabeth Labbe-Webb, Executive Director, Core Dance