CORE Dance

Updated Dance Studio Leaps into View

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Here Was the Situation

Core Dance, a professional contemporary dance organization, was looking to differentiate its studio and office space, located in two adjacent buildings in downtown Decatur, GA. Although the organization had occupied a prominent space on the heavily-trafficked square for over 30 years, guests and patrons had difficulty finding it. Existing directional and brand signage felt small and disconnected. It was difficult for people to distinguish the studio from the offices. “We have been an important part of our Decatur community for so long,” recalls Artistic Director, Sue Schroeder, “It was time for our building to acknowledge the hidden jewel inside.”

Together, We Did This

Core Dance’s leaders turned to Relish Marketing to help them. We began by conducting a full site survey, cataloging movement through the space and identifying how that movement could be improved. We then designed and installed vinyl graphics and vertical banners to identify the studio and office space individually, while unifying the two buildings as one cohesive organization. Primarily functional in nature, the design includes elements of the recently updated Core Dance brand (also developed by Relish), which helped introduce the new brand to the dance community and the public. We selected a special heat-sensitive vinyl to mimic the appearance of painted brick while providing greater durability than paint. This enables the building graphics to fit in well with the style of the area’s other historic buildings, match the look and feel of Core Dance’s new banners, and look consistent over time.

Oh, So Much Better

With the installation of these new environmental graphics, the studio and offices have become much more easily identifiable and accessible to artists and visitors. The overall Core Dance complex has a fresher, more cohesive look and feel. And the organization has seen a significant increase in overall brand awareness. “Working with the Relish team gave us many advantages that would have been difficult to realize on our own. Our partnership with Relish brought the power of our new brand into our physical arena,” affirms Elizabeth Labbe-Webb, Executive Director. “Everything works together in an organic way – we look forward to the success that resonates from our vibrant new look.”