CE Synergy

Cutting-Edge Healthcare Education Brand

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Here was the situation.

Syntaxx Communications, an oncology medical communications company, recognized that it was well positioned to expand its offerings. With their industry knowledge, medical communications expertise, and advanced specialty training, they established CE Synergy, a medical continuing education provider for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals specializing in hematology and oncology. The two businesses were aimed at very different audiences and leaders wanted the new CE Synergy logo to complement yet be clearly distinctive from the existing Syntaxx brand in a way that ensured compliance with accreditation credentialing regulations. They wanted a cutting-edge healthcare education brand, which led them to Relish Marketing.

Together we did this.

Implementing a streamlined version of our in-depth Brandfluence process, we helped CE Synergy identify unique differentiators and affirm the company’s commitment to instruction and learning. The healthcare education branding had to be forward-thinking, interactive, engaging and non-traditional. And, the client sought to reinforce the collaborative nature of the way clinicians must work and communicate – with physicians, nurses, patients and their families. Finally, we clarified key concepts that would appear in the tagline: Innovate. Educate. Collaborate. Transforming Cancer Care.

With that foundation, our creative team developed several different approaches to the brand identity. We then worked with the client to hone a final logo and color palette designed to scale across both print and digital media, as well as an easy-to-follow set of brand usage guidelines.

Oh, so much better.

Our concepts for the logo brought together the visual mnemonic for the C and E, but also the concepts of synergy and interactivity. The two initials form an infinity symbol, which reinforces the ongoing path to learning as well as a collaborative flow. An energetic color scheme conveys the company’s cutting-edge approach and helps it to stand out across the competitive landscape. And the brand usage guidelines have made it easy for CE Synergy to establish its identity on websites, across social media, and in educational and promotional materials.