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Patently Clear Branding

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Here was the situation.

The decision to start a business is a heady one – full of equal parts fear and thrill. Encouraged by members of the law firm that had benefitted from his services, Al Etheridge decided to expand his patent search practice, offering his legal support expertise to a broader community of Intellectual Property attorneys, practitioners and the innovators they serve.  Etheridge explains, “Atlanta is the confluence of technology and law in the Southeast. It’s emergent – and therefore still growing, which creates a unique ecosystem for innovation.” The opportunity for a patent research business was clear and Etheridge came to Relish Marketing for help with creating the Atlanta Patent Services corporate brand.

Together, we did this.

Our initial explorations revealed that the Atlanta Patent Services corporate brand would need to reflect multiple components: Its Atlanta identity. A multi-faceted approach to discovery. A bold sense of purpose. And the dynamic between human insights and advanced technology. We brought all these elements together in a logo whose bold, capital A could function as both a beacon and a lightning rod for innovation and legal expertise. The warm, bold palette suggests energy and approachability. And the combination of both a modern font for the word “Atlanta” and a more traditional font for the words “Patent Services” expresses the dynamic between creative innovation and legal standards. Likewise, the brand story captures the unique differentiators and personality of the company.

Oh, so much better.

The new logo is now in place to be used across a variety of media, including support collateral and a soon to be released website. “The Atlanta Patent Services brand – including logo, language, look and feel – accomplishes everything we need it to,” affirms Etheridge. “I’m excited about how it will support our growth going forward.”