A Truckload of Advancements for Fleet Management Sales Engagement

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Here was the situation.

The truck fleets and material handling equipment market is intense and highly competitive. Fleet management decision makers know that they aren’t selecting a commodity. They’re seeking a partner to make managing their trucks and equipment for handling materials more financially viable, with as few complications as possible. Even the most knowledgeable salespeople are aware that their prospects will not make decisions lightly. They know that any content supporting the sales process must demonstrate tangible value.

This foundational understanding is what Reema Patel, LeasePlan’s Product Marketing Manager for material equipment handling and truck fleets, brought to Relish Marketing – twice. First, she turned to Relish to develop a fresh look and feel for her sales team’s PowerPoint decks. Then, she challenged the sales team to identify ways to improve. Armed with what she’d learned from her team’s experiences using the decks for about a year, she then returned to Relish with the goal of making her team’s presentations more impactful and effective than ever.

Together, we did this.

Patel began by telling us about some new aspects of LeasePlan’s deliverables and client benefits that the sales team was eager to accentuate. The company had recently updated its visual brand, and the sales presentations had to incorporate updated guidelines. She wanted us to streamline the content presentation while enabling customization by individual sales representatives. Perhaps most significantly, LeasePlan was looking for an elevated presentation experience with high levels of visual interest and sophisticated animation that would support key messages as it better engaged its audiences.

Informed by Patel’s strong sense of design and knowledge of her products, services, and sales processes, the Relish Team set to work, adding new content and removing slides that were no longer relevant. We created a fresh, high-contrast visual style that affirmed LeasePlan’s updated brand standards. Our designs also featured a more meaningful representation of people on significant slides. We also established original animations – such as content trucked onto slides. All of these components came together to increase engagement to simplify and effectively communicate complex content. Finally, we put the decks through a multi-step Quality Assurance process to ensure usability for both Patel and the sales team.

Oh, so much better.

Patel and the sales team have enthusiastically adopted the two new sales support decks. Patel explains:

We came to Relish with specific strategic needs and an understanding of how the right graphic approach could deliver results. We knew they would listen and bring true value to our presentations by asking the right questions to understand our needs – and bring us creative concepts that were literally designed to achieve the new levels of engagement we need in our demanding industry.