Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics are critical tools – including exterior and interior signage, mobile and interactive components – all of which can support your business with brand identification, wayfinding, architectural enhancement, inspiration and engagement.

Clients rely on Relish Marketing to deliver exceptional environmental graphics results with an end-to-end process that may include strategy, creative, production and installation.

” Relish Marketing’s creative, strategic approach provides essential identification and direction to visitors while promoting our brand and engaging our employees.”

— Chelsea Eller
VP of Marketing, TRC Talent Solutions

The Relish Approach to Environmental Graphics

Together, we will look at what environmental graphics can – and should – do for your business. For instance, we’ll discuss how and where signage, wayfinding, window, wall, floor, and even ceiling graphics can help you:

  • Provide identification
  • Reinforce and encourage brand awareness
  • Support visibility
  • Enable wayfinding
  • Control foot traffic speed and flow
  • Make small spaces feel larger or make large spaces feel warm and friendly
  • Enhance natural and artificial light
  • Inspire productivity and energy
  • Encourage security and safety

During this and every step of the process, we prioritize open, ongoing communication to achieve clear, mutual understanding between everyone involved in the project.

Environmental graphic design
Environmental graphic design
Environmental graphic design

Your floorplans and exterior elevations give us a critical roadmap, defining multiple important measurements, including:

  • Sightlines – what can be seen from different places
  • Wall lengths and heights
  • Lighting brightness and color
  • Hallway widths
  • Window and door sizes and locations

These metrics inform what is possible within your space. We then balance that information with your wish list, using it to determine likely cost ranges and priorities.

As we transform the wish list into specific deliverables, we will develop high-level creative concepts for your review. We also will create a location plan, color-coded by function, showing where each type of component will go. As you provide feedback and approval, we will double-check measurements and placement of architectural elements to ensure the absolute accuracy of all environmental graphic components.

Environmental graphic design
Environmental graphic design

We produce final creative designs exactly to scale – down to the tiniest fraction of an inch. That way, we can show you exactly how your environmental graphics will appear in a space with real people. These designs will also inform a materials list, enabling us to narrow down costs. With your approval, we will transform our creative designs into shop drawings, which specify everything from exact dimensions to materials to color formulas for our fabricators.

Environmental graphic design
Environmental graphic design
Environmental graphic design

Based on the shop drawings, our fabricators will provide us with samples of key components, which we’ll bring to your space for on-site evaluation. This step is crucial because real-world environments – including lighting, temperature, humidity, and acoustics – differ from the neutral starting point of most designs. Most of the time, evaluating samples on-site confirms our expectations about how different colors, textures, and materials will appear and perform in your environment. However, it will also show us if any unexpected changes are necessary so we can make them before spending on fabrication.

Environmental graphic design
Environmental graphic design

We affirm the accuracy of our final shop drawings to ensure accurate production of every element of your environmental graphics. Depending on the complexity of the work, we may also supervise installation, providing direction and making sure that your environmental graphics are properly fitted, mounted, and able to deliver every expected benefit to your business, as promised.

Jumpstart your environmental graphics with our free guide.

With everything we know and have done with environmental graphics, we realized that we could write a book. So we did. And we loaded it full of useful information, stats, trends, and examples – all in one place.

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