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With strategy as the springboard, Relish Marketing takes brands to new heights, putting the creative in creative design. From initial concepts to final deliverables, our Atlanta-based creative design team brings a distinctive combination of strategic and artistic sensibilities to their drawing boards, sketchpads and screens to brands across the country and the world. The result: Creative that resonates with your audiences to hit the right buttons, inspire the right emotions and motivate the right actions.

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What is your company’s identity? At any point of contact with your products and people, what should the experience be? That’s your brand. From your logo, color palette and typography to the consistent look and feel of everything that represents your business, a consistent, distinctive look makes the difference. But we don’t stop there. We also create detailed, easy-to-follow brand standards and guidelines. Because your brand should stand out and be recognized across multiple media, everywhere people see it.



Relish Marketing can help you maximize your advertising with impactful messaging and visuals that deliver results. Build engagement. Drive brand awareness and loyalty. Promote key products. Attract new customers. Recruit new employees. And position your brand wherever your target audiences are – in the publications they read, the routes they travel, and the entertainment they listen to and watch.

Collateral Design

Collateral Design

Sure, all your information exists online but there are times when you need people to hold it in their hands. When your sales, human resources and business development professionals are face-to-face with prospects, clients and employees, tangible collateral provides a more immediate, visceral connection. Think a one-sheet that functions like an extended business card. Or a business card that powerfully conveys your brand’s point of difference. Or a brochure that turns in-person meetings into working sessions with clients. The right creative design makes the difference in how people encounter, absorb and connect with your business and brand.

Online Communications

Online Communications

Your logo looks great on your business cards, collateral and signage – but will it translate electronically? Our creative team makes sure your brand shines online with web-ready colors and fonts, graphics that remain compelling on any device, and a dynamic balance of imagery and text. On your website, downloadable content, infographics and apps, the right creative design makes a difference in how people experience your brand.



Did you know that public speaking ranks number one among all reported fears and phobias? Whether you love it or hate it, a mind-numbing, text-heavy PowerPoint presentation can destroy the best public speakers. But compelling graphic design combined with the right flow, strategic content and animation will elevate your speeches, educational communications and presentations to new levels. Shocker: You and your audiences might even enjoy them.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Whether your exhibit space is one table or an expansive booth outfitted with graphics, video screens, demos and meeting rooms, the look and feel of your trade show presence matters. And Relish Marketing can make it shine with graphics that demand attention, draw people in, and make them want to engage with your sales team.

What Makes a Great Logo?

Your brand is so much more than your logo – but make no mistake, your logo is important. Everyone recognizes memorable, iconic logos like FedEx, Apple and Nike. But what makes them great? We’ve identified five key components that the Relish design team applies to all our brand development projects. Specifically, we believe great logos should be:

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Great logos should represent the essence of the brand that matters most to the audience. What do you want people to think of when they think of your company? The arrow in the FedEx logo says “forward-moving speed.” The Amazon “smile” says they want to make you happy.

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Soundly Designed

This should go without saying, but it does bear repeating: Great logos should adhere to the components of good design – including balanced, consistent use of form, space, color, typography and scale.

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In the interests of creating a mark that communicates, companies sometimes try to squeeze too much into the logo, making it overly complex – which makes it harder to recognize and remember. Be like Nike and keep it simple.

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The Relish logo design process always includes an analysis of other brands in our clients’ industries. This includes competitors, partners and key customers. We examine the typefaces, colors and symbols they use. And we consider what makes our client’s brand unique among them. Then we put it all together, revealing opportunities to stand out, as well as belong.

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Your logo will need to work in a variety of media and places. Will it look great on business cards? Signage? Your website? Against a dark or light background? The questions are virtually endless, but the answer should always be, “Yes.”

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What Makes a Great Creative Design Studio?

Our team’s commitment to creativity, originality and great design doesn’t stop at the doors to our studio. Our graphic designers are also painters, illustrators, musicians, carpenters, 3D artists, laser-cutters, sculptors and engravers. Far from detracting from the work we do for clients, these experiences enhance our creative process in powerful, exciting ways. They open up our process and prevent us from getting stuck in ruts. It’s how we can bring a fresh approach to every project. It’s also why the graphic designs we create are uniquely right for each client.