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Your corporate brand identity is what people know, think and feel at every point of connection with your business. Some of that is created organically in the hearts and minds of your audiences.

We help you create the rest.

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The visual way in which you present your company matters – in ways that go well beyond the development of graphics and type treatments. Your logo needs to be unique, recognizable, and flexible enough to represent the essence of your brand, wherever it appears on line and in print, on everything from business cards to billboards. That's corporate branding.

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You can talk about your business all day long – but your audiences don’t have that kind of time. You need an easy-to-follow message platform, with a clear hierarchy of essential points to communicate in consistent language and tone. Likewise, you need a concise brand story that reinforces not only what people need to know, but how they should feel about your brand. That's what good corporate branding does.

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Brand Standards

What are the exact colors of your logo? What are your standard fonts? How should – and shouldn’t – your brand appear? And what metrics will you use to ensure that all communications reflect your defined messaging? Brand standards provide clear guidelines for everyone who will communicate about your brand, ensuring that all of those questions are answered for absolute consistency. That's quality corporate branding.

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Brand Activation

You don’t want your brand to sit on the proverbial shelf. Instead, it should actively express and reinforce your identity at every point of contact – formal, informal, in person or through your many communications channels. Everything that brings your brand to life is part of brand activation. Turn on your corporate branding today.

What is
Brand Activation?

Ever notice how some brands seem to radiate their identity, everywhere they’re seen? It doesn’t happen by accident. It happens through brand activation. That’s what brings your brand to life. It includes consistent communication of your logo, identity and messaging, wherever people engage with your business – formally, informally, in person, in writing, on paper and online.

If that sounds like a lot, it is.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with a thorough Brand Activation Checklist that identifies more than 50 essential brand activation channels, organized in a way that encourages clarity, accountability, and timely completion.

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