Who is Your Dream Customer?

Often, our clients come to us because they’re looking for a strategic branding campaign. In an earlier blog, I talked about our five-phase Brandfluence™ process for developing a brand, and I discussed the phase we call the Brandfluence™ Session. One of the things we do at this session is to take participants through an exercise designed to help them mutually agree on who their dream customer is. The exercise results in a portrait that helps define the values, needs and expectations of this target audience.

The portrait aids us when we sit down to develop your Brandfluence™ Plan. We use it to frame the branding campaign’s key messages and marketing activities and to ensure that the campaign stays on target.

Here’s a sample “dream customer” exercise that we we picked up from Braid Creative & Consulting. Give it a try and see what you come up with:

My dream customer values____________but loves_____________.

A stress or fear they might have is___________________________.

They often trust others who________________________________.

What makes them a loyal fan is_____________________________.

Something that might happily surprise them about us is_________________________.

Other favorite brands of theirs are__________________, __________________ and________________.

We should make them feel________________________________________________.

Of course, the exercise works best in the total context of the Brandfluence™ process and the Brandfluence™ Session. Because if you only do it by yourself, it doesn’t mean as much as when you’re in a room with your colleagues and us, and we can all discuss what you’ve come up with and create a Dream Customer to whom all of you can relate.

As always, send me your thoughts and questions. I’m an email away at pam@relishmarketing.com.