Visual Trends We Savor


At Relish Marketing, we constantly pay attention to visual trends – both because they often reflect changes in business communication and our culture in general, and because they inspire and help keep our work fresh. Here, Relish Creative Director, Michael Palermo, offers his take on current visual trends that have captured his attention:

  • Crowdsourced content.  The trend toward involving customers/consumers in their brands – and even helping to create their own brand imagery is fascinating. It helps drive engagement and it keeps content fresh. Take, for example, how Wayfair posts customers’ images of their newly decorated living rooms, or Loft and other fashion brands inviting posts of how people are wearing their clothes.


  • 3D typography and abstract art.  I’m seeing more and more use of three-dimensional modeling software to generate static images, type treatments and scenes for print and digital campaigns that stand out.


  • Mid-century modern aesthetics.  As a counterpoint to that vivid use of 3D typography and art, I’m also seeing the return of mid-century modern aesthetics including vintage serif typefaces, Eames chairs, pop art and flat graphics, like this logo for a company that makes grooming products for men.


  • Extreme gradients.  This includes gradients in logos – like the Instagram mark. That used to be a huge no-no, but we have more refined tools, high-definition screens, and brand imagery that only appears digitally. So, we can craft gradients that bring together colors from opposite sides of the color wheel in a way that’s eye-popping and dramatic.