Our Top 4 Corporate Rebrands of 2017

In our constant quest to help our clients savor their brands, we’re always on the lookout for inspiration from the latest examples of excellence. With that in mind, we asked members of our Creative team to share their picks for the best corporate rebrands of 2017.



Design Manager, Ryan Fitzpatrick says that the Mozilla rebrand is his favorite, “not only for the logo and the brand architecture which echoes their involvement in all things Internet, but also for the process they used in rebranding. Rather than using small focus groups or limited research to hone their brand, they opened up the process to anyone interested, getting feedback from their fan base at all points in the process. The result is edgy, colorful and unique.”


The Huffington Post > HUFFPOST


The Huffington Post’s rebrand as HUFFPOST impressed Senior Designer, Amy Baldis. “As someone with a background in newspapers, it’s refreshing to see an effective san-serif logo in the news industry (even if the company is 100% digital). The new logo is not only cleaner and more readable, but the forward-slanted design plays homage to their edgy news. The mint color palette is also a refreshing touch (pun intended).”



YouTube’s brand refresh garnered the company a lot of press this year – for many good reasons. Art Director, Paul Marquart, says that while slight typography updates improved the brand’s legibility, “the most noticeable change deals with the big red play button that is the main touchpoint for YouTube’s brand. By pulling the red holding shape away from the type and making the play button icon an essential element of the logo, the company has placed emphasis on their most recognizable brand asset; an icon that is quickly becoming as ubiquitous on computer screens as the mouse cursor.”

Audi audi-logo-rebrand

Creative Director, Michael Palermo says that the rationale behind automobile manufacturer Audi’s brand update is as interesting as the company’s “efficient (and aesthetically pleasing) adjustment to their existing brand.” He notes, “Rather than adjust the brand first, then create the user interface (UI) afterward, the redesign began with the UI. Since Audi is shifting toward becoming a truly digital car company, the design approach behind its brand update speaks volumes to both their company philosophy and business strategy.”

Michael affirms, “It’s important to pay attention to what leading brands are doing right and how they are doing it. By continually seeking examples of excellence outside our own walls, we stay engaged with important trends, keeping our creativity fresh and on point for Relish’s clients.”

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