Links We Savor: Social Media Fails, CVS ExtraCare, #NuggsforCarter & More

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  1. Entrepreneur | The 7 biggest social media fails of 2017– so far 

Major brands have experienced some serious flops on social media this year. From the infamous viral United Airlines video to McDonald’s hacked Twitter account, companies are learning the painful lesson of what happens when they fail in the public square called social media.

  1. DMN | Personalization is at the heart of CVS’s ExtraCare loyalty program 

In a competitive retail environment where consumers can find many of CVS’ products via online competitors like Amazon, CVS has implemented a variety of digital strategies — from lookalike modeling based on product purchases to its app-based prescription reminders. The retailer also is putting people first by targeting individual customers according to their purchase history, via its ExtraCare loyalty program.

  1. Marketing Land | Wendy’s gives #NuggsforCarter a year of free nuggets for getting the most retweets ever

Who knew asking for a year’s worth of chicken nuggets on Twitter would lead to Ellen DeGeneres’ infamous Oscar selfie tweet losing its top spot as the most retweets ever? #NuggsforCarter, a retweeting campaign started by 16-year-old Carter Wilkerson asking Wendy’s how many retweets would it take get a year’s supply of nuggets (answer – 18 million), ended with Wendy’s settling for just 3.42 million retweets. The brand created an awareness and engagement bonanza just by making one fan’s dream come true.

  1. MarketingDIVE | General Mills looks to charm consumers with “Marshmallow Only” Lucky Charms 

For those who grew up savoring the marshmallows in their cereal – it may be their lucky day. General Mills, maker of Lucky Charms, will distribute 10,000 “Marshmallow Only” cereal boxes through an online sweepstakes. This initiative stems from a successful 2015 social media campaign when they gave away only 10 of these limited-edition cereal boxes – fans couldn’t get enough.

  1.  Adweek |  Delta is thanking all 80,000 employees by name in a 50-hour, celebrity-filled Facebook Live Stream

Delta may become known for creating one of the most watched corporate sponsored Facebook Live streams ever. In the wake of a recent public relations nightmare, this innovative employer branding tactic shows how communicating employee appreciation can improve brand loyalty both internally and externally.

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