The Role of Digital Marketing in Your Next Medical Device Launch

The process of launching a medical device has changed dramatically over the past few years. While press tours and launch events still exist, today’s press has expanded to include bloggers and trade journalists, as well as major media. So, the flow of news has shifted from daily to by-the-second. If you want your product to garner the attention it deserves, you need to start early – and think creatively and digitally.

Reach Out to Influencers Early

Introducing a medical device today requires a consistent effort to generate buzz for your new device well before the launch date. Start with industry analysts and influencers, making your device available for them to examine and use. If you plan to launch at a key trade show, make sure you’re engaging with the people who are most likely to generate reviews, articles and posts about your new product.

Capture New Stakeholders

Start conversations with physicians, clinicians, hospital executives, purchasers, or in some cases, consumers – people who should be excited about what your device can do for them. Begin with social media. You could distribute key clinical research findings along with patient and clinician testimonials of the new product. Share product images and descriptions on your website and social media platforms as well as in discussion boards, user groups and forums where you can answer questions and provide advance information.

Above all, don’t be afraid to step outside of your normal spheres of influence. The idea is to get people talking about your product. Just make sure you’re reaching your potential clients with the right message at the right time. Medical device marketing isn’t only about positioning your product; it’s also about helping people to recognize your expertise and the value of products and technology that come from your company.

Generate Trust with Microsites

Microsites offer a great way to target specific audiences by addressing their needs, pain-points and common concerns. The basic content for each site is essentially the same but is filtered through the lenses of each targeted group. For instance, for physicians, you might focus on the clinical issues that your product addresses. For hospital executives, you might emphasize the financial concerns that will drive their decision to purchase your device.

For consumers, keep in mind the degree to which many people actively conduct their own internet-based research on devices that can help them manage their health. In those cases, direct-to-patient marketing campaigns can elevate awareness and drive consumer interest in a new product. Consider developing a website that offers valuable information, technical resources, and practical guides for managing certain conditions.

You Don’t Have to Do It All

The wide range of channels that should play a role in your digital marketing may seem daunting – especially if your internal marketing team doesn’t have the expertise or bandwidth to deliver on your launch needs. Seek a partner with both medical device and digital marketing expertise to help you define a strategy what will help you achieve your product launch goals, as well as understand the right channels to support your timeline and budget. Your knowledge and experience combined with a digital marketing partner who knows the nuances of medical device marketing may be the powerful combination you need for a truly successful launch.


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