Rethink, Refresh, Revitalize: The Trend Sweeping Senior Care Organizations

A trend has pulsed through senior care communities over the past few years: More and more of these organizations are refreshing their brands. Of course, brand refreshes and rebranding efforts are typical across all industries, but specific circumstances affecting the senior care industry are driving communities to revisit their brands. Over the past two years, the industry has had to adapt to rapid changes, and those organizations who are able to respond quickly with strategic brand updates have seen the rewards.

The senior population of the United States is growing and is projected to continue to do so. Simply put, demand is on the rise. This creates an opportunity that can be seized by those willing to pivot their marketing.

The pandemic also forced senior care organizations to adjust their marketing campaigns. Atlanta’s Lenbrook community, for instance, shifted many marketing events from in-person to virtual. Relish worked with the Lenbrook team to enhance their digital marketing efforts by incorporating virtual events and webinars.

Additionally, the pause in activity over the past two years provided the opportunity for forward-thinking communities to update and expand. In that time, Lenbrook completed a new expansion and recognized that the fresh look of its newer marketing materials presented an opportunity for broader-scale updates. The result was a fresh approach to everything from key brochures to mailers and signage, all of which reflect a contemporary look and feel and reinforce the community’s commitment to truly engaged senior living.

Many other factors can lead an organization to benefit from a rebrand. Sometimes, organizations have grown quickly and have outpaced their former branding. Perhaps a company was set up to service a niche market but has found success outside of its niche. In other instances, the culture around a business has changed, and it becomes necessary to refresh one’s messaging to better meet the needs of the day.

As Sharon Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer at 2Life Communities notes in iAdvance Senior Care:

“If you find that you have a brand that’s no longer authentic to who you are, or you’ve outgrown a brand, or it’s no longer resonating with the market, it’s time to take a look at how you want to rebrand.”

A successful brand update can enable an organization to resonate anew with everyone who interacts with it – from the prospective move-in receiving their first marketing email to the resident who has lived in the community for the past ten years. If you’re wondering how refreshing your organization’s marketing can evolve its strategy and energize its place in the market, you should give us a call. It’s something we’re passionate about and are always down to chat.