You’ve Redefined Your Brand – Now What?

#2 in Our Brand Jumpstart Series

You need a deliberate, objective process to define – or redefine – your brand. And you need a plan to support you going forward. In this part of our “Brand Jumpstart” series, see how we helped one of our clients execute on their plan.

Swift Currie, a the 150-lawyer litigation firm based in Midtown Atlanta, recognized a need to reassess their corporate identity and marketplace perceptions. The firm had a longstanding presence in the Atlanta market, steeped in tradition. But a combination of a Brandfluence® workshop and in-depth research conducted by Relish Marketing revealed that the firm had grown beyond its historic reputation. In recent years, Swift Currie had become known among key clients for its innovative, forward-thinking approach. Internally, the firm’s overall demeanor had become more relaxed and even fun. The firm had grown physically and geographically, as well, adding more team members and practice specialties while expanding beyond its original Atlanta market. However, its corporate brand identity (including a logo last updated in 2003) had not kept pace. The old brand system hadn’t been designed to perform across all media, particularly in digital spaces. It was time for a significant update.

Relish then set about helping the firm create both a new brand story and logo – as well as a clear plan to express this more clearly defined identity. Together, these components highlight the firm’s heritage as well as how its agility and flexibility yield results for clients.

The type treatment is now a forward-leaning, elegant yet approachable script. And, a bold, high-contrast color palette reinforces the firm’s energy and drive. A strong, well-defined slash takes the place of a more commonly expected dash between the firm’s lead partner names. The slash also serves as a unifying graphic element across multiple media. And, secondary versions of the logo further enable flexibility in spaces where a horizontal logo might not be appropriate or effective.

Finally, we developed a version of the new logo for internal usage only, featuring a woodcut-style hare as the firm’s mascot. Quick and intelligent, the hare is found throughout the Southeastern United States. Seen as a symbol of diligence and perseverance, hares are known for their easygoing nature and steadiness under pressure. With a generous playful streak, hares can swiftly assess situations enabling them to avoid predators and uncomfortable social encounters. In this internal presentation, the hare engages with the iconic slash, reinforcing the qualities of agility and confidence that have become hallmarks for the firm.

This identity is now expressed across a wide variety of presentation materials, including templated industry descriptions, attorney bios, folders and business cards and letterhead. It will also appear digitally – across social media platforms and an updated website (currently under development).

The new mark has earned Swift Currie recognition from both clients and the legal industry media. Equally significant, the firm’s brand is now better able to reflect not only its heritage, but also the way its current identity and agile, innovative approach serve clients today and in the years to come.

Next up in December: Five tips and tricks to help make it easier to make the most out of your digital presence throughout 2019.


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