Is Your Recruitment Strategy Chasing Away Top Candidates?

Job hunting has become a buyer’s market, putting you as a business on the offensive. With unemployment numbers dropping to a 16-year low, and growing competition amongst employers, attracting top talent has become increasingly difficult. According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) of over 3,300 HR professionals, more than two-thirds reported problems filling vacancies.

The way you present open positions at your company could make a difference. A job posting is often the first impression potential employees have of your company, which means your employer brand is more important than ever. Here are three things to remember about how your employer brand can impact your recruitment strategy, ensuring that you attract not only top talent, but also the candidates most likely to benefit your business.


1. Engaging Job Posts Attract More Engaged Employees

Think of a job posting as you would any other form of sales material. You need to sell your company to the applicants; and, in order to do this, strong employer branding is imperative. Boring, generic job posts make you seem like a boring and generic company; let your company’s personality shine through. Interesting and engaging posts will attract like-minded applicants.


2. It’s Not All About The Money

Unlike previous generations, Millennials value the opportunity to learn and grow in a job they find interesting more important than monetary compensation. This doesn’t mean you can skimp on the compensation package, but it does mean you need to explain what your company can offer besides a salary and 401K. Continued learning opportunities, career advancement options, and workplace culture help sweeten the deal. Your corporate culture, values, mission, and messages help define your employee value proposition. Use them to help your job posting to stand out in the crowd.


3. Experience Isn’t Everything

An employee’s potential can be a better indicator of future success than past experience. But, neither potential nor experience matters if the candidate doesn’t mesh well with your corporate culture. Limit the hard skills listed in your posting to those most essential to the job, and list soft skills and personality traits necessary to thrive in your work environment. This not only reinforces your employer brand, it also paves the way to long-term job satisfaction for the employee, which leaves you with a happier – and therefore more productive – new addition to your team.

Before you can attract top talent to your company, define what top talent means to you, not only in terms of skills and experience but also in terms of the best fit with your company’s personality, opportunities, and culture. When you know what qualities define your work environment, it will be easy for you to recognize who your ideal employees should be – and for candidates to recognize you as an ideal employer.

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