Project Spotlight: Photography

Everyone’s heard that “a photo is worth a thousand words”, but that may be an understatement. A Nielsen Norman Group study showed that most people only read 20-28% of website text. And Hubspot found that photographs significantly increase engagement on Facebook, generating 53% more “likes” and 104% more content than text alone. Of course, not all photography is the same. Different styles of photography are appropriate for different media and applications, and the right photograph can be the difference between undercutting brand identity and enhancing it. That’s why Relish Marketing provides strategic photographic support to many of our clients as we create and reinforce their brands.

  • Irrisept, a medical device manufacturer, needed product photography. We already created a consistent brand identity for the company, including logo, color palette and messaging, which extended through everything from digital assets and packaging to marketing collateral and trade show booths.


We chose a studio photographer who combined an infinity wall with cool-toned lighting to reflect clinical innovation while communicating functionality and ease of use

  • Lenbrook senior living community wanted imagery that would communicate its upscale, engaged lifestyle.


To protect the privacy of residents, we sourced models who would best represent the kind of active, energetic residents that the community attracts. We directed the models through a number of scenarios representing life at Lenbrook and worked with the photographer to capture moments that felt authentic and natural.

  • Kimberly-Clark sought to reflect the authentic attributes of its successful Welcome Original Thinkers employer brand via photographs of employees.


Welcome Original Thinker Photos by Crimson Creative, Kim Thiel, Photographer.

Kimberly-Clark’s recruiters noted that the authenticity and style of the photographs made it easier for candidates to envision themselves working at the company. They saw themselves reflected in the Welcome Original Thinkers website and support materials, which generated better quality job applicants.

  • The Taylor English law firm needed photographs of its contemporary office space to reinforce the firm’s creativity and commitment to clients.

A visit to the client’s newly renovated space enabled us to identify the right creative approach. We chose to enhance the photos with people in motion, which generated a sense of energy and activity. The end result was modern and inspiring.

  • Meunier Carlin & Curfman, an intellectual property law firm, needed portraits to support how their attorneys’ scientific and technical experience informs their legal expertise.

Our photographic concept was clean and bright to show key partners in a way that would feel crisp and genuine. Especially paired with copy clarifying how the attorneys’ combination of legal and scientific experience deliver results to clients, the photographs enhanced the firm’s overall brand.

The Relish Difference

The Relish team works closely with each client to clearly define requirements for content – determining what will have to appear in each photo – as well as the right overall look and tone. Our relationships with a variety of photographers allow us to pair the expertise of each with the needs of our clients. And, by sourcing models, scouting locations and providing pre-shoot direction to the photographer, we ensure that each photo shoot runs smoothly, on time and within budget.

During shoots, we provide on-site supervision, which enables photographers to focus on the creative aspects of the shoot while we keep an eye on overall creative consistency to achieve the best possible results. We recognize challenges and opportunities due to weather, technical issues, and our client’s on-site business needs. Likewise, we make sure that all photography match defined expectations for content, tone/look/feel, and usability across multiple media.

Most importantly, our clients recognize that Relish Marketing’s guidance and support enable them to convey their brands on multiple functional and emotional levels with distinctive, powerful photography. And… you know the part about a photo being worth 1000 words.

Our Clients’ Advantage

Does all this inspire ideas for your business? Are you wondering what a powerful photographic approach could do for your brand? Browse through the work on our website and talk to us. We want to help you make it happen.

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