Project Spotlight: A Logo Refresh for Relish

A Logo Refresh for Relish


Just because a logo design is aesthetically appealing, doesn’t mean it’s practical or easy to use. The original Relish logo, bold with bright colors, block typography and spherical accents, turned out to be difficult to replicate across multiple media and platforms. The time had come for an update.

A new logo would need to render seamlessly between print and web assets. It would have to be able to be modified to suit any destination format: presentations, email signatures, sales sheets, webpages, etc. Relish developed its new logo, following the same process we use when we provide brand redesign services to our clients. 


The logo redesign involved standardizing the color palette from several colors to just one, which made the logo more production friendly. The typography changed from Diavlo to Trend Sans, which made the logo more readable and legible, especially in smaller sizes and digital applications. 


Today, we have a simpler, cleaner logo with branding guidelines that enable a variety of forms depending on where and how it is used. With this new look, we at Relish continue to be intentional, be sensational and savor our brand.

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