Talking ‘Bout Your Generations A Multigenerational Approach to Senior Living Communities

A multigenerational approach to senior living may seem like a contradiction. But it’s one of the most important trends affecting retirement communities today. Age-segregation – that is, having social interactions only with people in one’s own age group – has definite disadvantages for adults, particularly seniors. Equally important, researchers are discovering that multi-generational engagement offers definite advantages. Forward-thinking senior living organizations are already capitalizing on this trend, taking specific steps to enhance the health and well-being not only of their senior residents, but of everyone in the community.

What’s driving this trend:

American society is becoming increasingly segregated by age

College students tend to live, work and play with other college students and working adults often choose to engage with others in their age range as well. Seniors – particularly in senior living communities – tend to mostly engage with other seniors.

Age segregation Isn’t good for anyone

Age segregation normalizes bias and suspicion of other generations and negates opportunities to learn from those who are younger and/or older. Age segregation can also encourage insensitivity towards others who are older or younger, and can have a negative impact on community health and well-being. And, for seniors, age segregation can foster or intensify feelings of isolation.

Multigenerational senior living makes a difference

Living and working in a multigenerational environment can have tremendous benefits for seniors and for community staff.

  • For seniors, daily interactions with people across a variety of generations can strengthen opportunities for residents to learn, and can enhance feelings of general well-being among residents.
  • For community staff, daily interactions with a variety of generations can improve compassion, empathy and understanding, and may help employees to feel more valued.

For more on how senior living communities are benefiting from a multigenerational approach, download our eGuide, Talking ‘Bout Your Generations. This eGuide aggregates research, practical experience and best practices for a concise window on the best ways to create better communities for seniors, their families, and the people who serve them.

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