“Lucky 7”: Celebrating Seven Years of Relish

As Relish celebrates its seventh birthday, it’s gotten us thinking about how many interesting things come in sevens. Seven days of the week, seven continents and seven seas. There are seven colors on the spectrum and seven notes on the musical scale. And who’s your favorite secret agent? 007 (but maybe that’s just us).

Certainly, we relish hitting this landmark “Lucky Seven” birthday because our seven years have been marked by the great relationships we’ve gotten to build with so many of our clients and partners. We’ve had seven years of getting to help them tell their stories in the most interesting and engaging ways possible to achieve their goals and objectives.

It’s been seven years of thinking outside the box, outside our screens (and occasionally outside our offices with a good beer). Seven years of asking ourselves and our clients, “why not?” and “what if?” Seven years of working individually and together to bring new perspectives to what we do. Seven years of getting to be this engaged with so many different markets, and have this much fun doing it.

Lucky seven, indeed. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel about it, because we couldn’t have done it without our clients, colleagues, friends, partners and families. So, there will likely be cake one day this week at the office. There will certainly be laughter and celebration. And then – lucky us – we get to get back to work, doing what we relish.

Thanks so much to everyone who has joined us in this amazing experience together.