Links We Savor: The Anniversary of the Sports Bra, Most Trustworthy Brands, MoviePass and More!

Our roundup of the most compelling, click-worthy and inspirational content around the web.

  1. Retail Dive | Most Trustworthy Brands

    Amazon wins as the best company for trust and joy according to the 2017 National Most Trustworthy Brands Survey. Competing with over 40 major fast food, airline, mobile services, auto insurance, retail, hotel and electronics brands, honors were earned for quality customer service. As the saying goes, “The customer is always right.” Or, at least, the company should make the customer feel that way.

  2. Adweek | Twitter Users’ Eyes Give Brands Insight

    What generates more tweets than three Super Bowls combined? Holiday campaigns – whose 80 million tweets between July 2016 and January 2017 generated more than $6 in incremental sales for every dollar spent by advertisers. This research from Twitter and EyeSee used eye-tracking and facial-coding technology to measure not only how many users saw ads, but how quickly they saw them, how long they looked at the ads and what emotions the ads evoked. Apparently, the eyes don’t lie – and they like holidays.

  3. Entrepreneur | What Consumers Really Buy Into When They Purchase Products

    Read about how a late night meal turned into a lesson about how the customer experience goes beyond a retail transaction. And as the right experience fills our shopping carts with products and our mouths with food, it can also fill hearts and minds with positive brand recognition.

  4. NY Post | Who Says Women Can’t Be Jocks? The Anniversary of The First Sports Bra

    Have you ever thought about life before the sports bra? If you’re a woman, you probably have – imagining or recalling the physical discomfort of competing in sports wearing a less supportive regular bra or the emotional discomfort of comments from oglers. It’s been 40 years since runner, Lisa Lindahl sewed two jock straps together, creating the first sports bra, known as “The JockBra.” And there’s a great story behind the evolution of the one item most female athletes wouldn’t run without.

  5. Forbes | Netflix Co-Founder Hopes to Help Drop in Theater Sales with MoviePass

    Movie goers may now be able to go to the movies as often as once a day for $9.99 a month with MoviePass. The company, which aims to become the Netflix of theater-based movie watching, will cover the cost of each movie ticket, losing money on the front end in an effort to fill more seats in theaters, but aiming for a greater goal: to produce monetized data by researching moviegoers’ behaviors, much the way the Internet and television industries mine data about their users.

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