Links We Savor: #OscarFail, Hershey’s #Eaternet, April Fools’ Hoaxes & More

Our monthly roundup of the most compelling, click-worthy and inspirational content from around the web.

  1. Quartz | A Brooklyn ice cream brand increased sales by 50% after it redesigned its packaging

Van Leeuwen, a Brooklyn-based artisan ice-cream company, partnered with renowned design firm Pentagram to rebrand the packaging of their delectable sweet treats. Their strategic decision to create “very Instagrammable” pint designs that resonate with social media savvy foodie lovers paid off with profits skyrocketing within six months.

  1. Design Taxi | Hershey builds its website out of unique chocolates, raffles them off to fans(video)

Hershey’s Brazil appealed to its fans sweet tooth cravings when it recently launched their #Eaternet campaign that gave 1,200 lucky winners around the world custom chocolate sculptures. The campaign went viral. 250,000 Hershey bars were registered by hopeful entrants who went to website and entered a unique code printed on the wrapper of each bar.

  1. FastCompany | Inside Twitter’s obsessive quest to ditch the egg

Bye bye Twitter egg — hello silhouette blob. Twitter has tossed its default profile picture, an egg indicating the absence of a photo, in favor of a more generic human-like one. The company has struggled with anonymous users abusing the service, and this redesign represents one of the tactics Twitter is using to help solve the problem. 

  1. AdWeek | April Fools’ Day 2017: Our roundup of the best brand hoaxes

How well do you know a brand’s identity? Would have any of these ads fooled you? Adweek crawled the web for the funniest and coolest April Fools’ hoaxes of this year from some of our favorite brands. From McDonald’s “Micro Mac” burgers, to “Just the Crust” Pop Tarts, and Redbox’s $1.99 tiny home rentals, enjoy these super creative ads made to delight us. 

  1.  Vox | Bad typography has ruined more than just the Oscars(video)

An insightful video by Vox  shows how simple typographical changes could have prevented one of the biggest flubs in award show history: #OscarFail. It also features examples of how poor typography ruins other experiences like medicine misuse due to confusing bottle label descriptions, and contested elections because of poorly designed  election ballots. 

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