Links We Savor: Video is Taking Over, Netflix Looks to Make Improvements, Facebook vs. YouTube and More!


Medium | 16 Visual Content Marketing Statistics That Will Wake You Up

Visual content – think photos, infographics, memes, illustration, and video – is increasing the way people want to consume information, especially on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. But what does that mean for your marketing? These 16 statistics offer some interesting perspectives that could make a difference in your visual content marketing strategy.

Marketing Land | Twitter to Launch 8 New Pilot Series Supported by In-Stream Video

Is Twitter becoming a video company? The social media pioneer’s growth may be slowing in comparison to competitors but they could make up for it with more than 30 video content deals – including eight new original series. They’re also launching a new service to help brands make the most of their live video content. See how Twitter hopes its shift toward more video will make a difference.

Entrepreneur | Netflix Has Adopted Machine Learning to Personalize Its Marketing Game

The beauty of Netflix is that it uses one-to-one personalization to recommend tons of shows and videos for you to watch based on your interests. But can they continue to scale? Learn about Netflix’s plans to further humanize their marketing strategies with machine learning.

Bloomberg | Facebook Loses Ground to Google with Users Spending More Time on YouTube

As consumers turn their attention to video, people are spending less time on Facebook and more time on Google’s YouTube. Will Facebook’s shift away from media sharing and toward family and friends’ posts be enough to maintain its leadership? Or will people lose interest in the platform? Take a look at the latest stats and see what you think and as a bonus see how Facebook’s Watch platform may help them retain viewership.

Forbes| Building Customer Relationships Is Imperative for Competing in the High-Stakes Mid Market

An ever-changing digital landscape in which people use multiple devices interchangeably has made it more challenging for mid-sized companies to effectively target consumers. But do these companies have unique strengths that can help them outcompete larger companies? This article suggests they do.


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