Links We Savor: All These Logos Look the Same, Netflix is Booming, Activist Marketing and More!


Entrepreneur | Netflix Shows Are Entertaining Enough, but It’s the Digital Marketing That’s Masterful

Netflix-subscribed households are up almost 100% over the last five years and will continue to grow. More than just their great shows, their digital marketing principles and strategy are what drive customer acquisition and retention success metrics. And it’s all working very well.

Entrepreneur | 5 Marketing Strategies from Major Brands: What You Can Learn From Their Mistakes and Successes

As this article begins, “marketing is a spectator sport,” and there’s a lot we can learn from watching on the sidelines. So grab some popcorn and check out the good and the bad – from PepsiCo’s “Doritos for Her” (you know it’s bad when Ellen pokes fun at your marketing moves) to the new Gerber baby.

Forbes | The Greatest Advertising Space is Hiding in Plain Sight

Everyone’s got one, but no one’s taking advantage of the most ubiquitous advertising space available today – the back of any smartphone. See how Swaponz (pronounced Swap-Ons) is changing that, including their unique phone covers that feature an augmented reality presentation when you use your camera with their app.

Fast Company | Why Do Google, Airbnb and Pinterest All Have Such Similar Logos?

Take a look at the before and after logos of these top brands and tell us what you see. Something vaguely familiar amongst them all? Learn more about the latest logo redesign trends and the reasons behind them.

Marketing Dive | Is Activist Advertising the New Frontier?

With 55% of Gen Z choosing brands that are socially responsible and eco-friendly, more and more brands are taking a stand for the movements and causes they believe in. But doing so doesn’t automatically equal success. See when it works and when it should be avoided.


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