Links We Savor: Spotify Helps Dogs get Adopted, Whopper Neutrality and More!


TED | What Makes Something Go Viral?

You’ve seen the online BuzzFeed quizzes, and chances are, you’ve taken one or two. Catch a glimpse of a system they created to better understand how people use content to connect with others. Hint: It’s not about the content.

Entrepreneur | Music to Shelter Dogs’ Ears

Just like people, dogs have musical preferences, too! See how Spotify is working with an animal shelter in Germany to determine what dogs like so they connect them with their human “musical soulmates.”

Marketing Land | Burger King Whopper-Splains Net Neutrality’s Repeal in New Ad

Burger King throws the Whopper into the net neutrality debate to better explain the importance of the repeal in a new ad. No judgement here if you delight in some of these Whopper lovers’ frustration – we did.

Marketing Dive | Facebook’s News Feed Change Could Lead to Fresh Wave of Influencer Marketing

Many brands and businesses are concerned about the changes Facebook made to its News Feed to prioritize personal content. It may be time to change things up a bit and focus on your influencers and the new tools available to leverage their reach.

AdWeek | Six Ways to Create a Live Event that Encourages Social Sharing

Live events are “in.” Make sure that all the hard work you put into creating one pays off by following these six helpful tips. And, put that social network to work for you.


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