Links We Savor: Burger King’s Prank, Google Doodles, Video Ad Hacks & More

Our monthly roundup of the most compelling, click-worthy and inspirational content from around the web.

  1. MediaPost | Burger King TV spot triggers Google Home voice searches

Burger King pulled off the ultimate digital ad stunt with a 15-second ad that activates Google Home’s voice recognition software to start reading the ingredients of Burger’s King trademark product when the commercial’s actor says “Ok Google. What is the  Whopper burger?” Although Google shut it down, this prank ad is an example of clever video content sparking a conversation — literally.

  1. Verge | Google’s AI doodle bot will transform your crude drawings into glorious art

AutoDraw, a super fun interactive doodle converter created by Google, creates clip art out of your handmade doodles. What’s a better way to market your brand than to make an innovative piece of free software that delights your audience?

  1. Business Insider | Snapchat is helping advertisers track people based on the stores they visit

Leveraging users’ geo data, advertisers can now track what stores Snapchat users visit and target them with sponsored geo filters. The Snap to Store tool has already proven helpful to restaurants like Wendy’s – 42,000 people visited its restaurants within seven days of seeing one of their sandwich geo filters.

  1. AdWeek | Mattel is working with young influencers and their families to help inspire kids to be superheroes

Mattel partnered with the twin sister YouTube stars, Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, to promote its first annual DC Kids Super Hero Month. The campaign encourages young people to volunteer and help their communities. The trend of brands working with digital influencers to push social responsibility initiatives continues and grows with millennials’ increased expectation that the brands they love participate in social activism.

  1.  Entrepreneur |  4 Video advertising hacks powerful enough to change your company 

These are some amazing insights into the best ways to optimize video ads. One hack emphasizes how to keep an eye on video ad metrics, because ad fraud is such a rampant problem. Understanding and requiring thorough reporting data is critical to ensuring an efficient ad spend.

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