Links We Savor: A Roundup of Our 2017 Favorites

As 2017 comes to a close, we take a look back on the most compelling, click-worthy and inspirational content from around the web in our 2017 Links We Savor post.

MarketingWeek | L’Oreal’s power of diversity ad

We’ve seen the acceptance and celebration of diversity flourish throughout 2017. L’Oreal knows that connecting with and broadening their audience is the right thing to do – and it’s good for business. In their recent campaign to show their full spectrum of skin-toned shades (23 total), they show why they are the number one brand for beauty and position themselves as having products for everyone (even men!).

Entrepreneur | What consumers really buy into when they purchase products

A late-night meal turned into a valuable lesson on how the customer experience goes beyond a retail transaction. As the right experience fills our shopping carts with products and our mouths with food, it can also fill hearts and minds with positive brand recognition. | How to find a wonderful idea

Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes, including creatives. If you’ve enjoyed OK Go’s catchy tunes and awe-inspiring videos, you’ll love this TED talk about their creative process and how they find their great ideas. It’s a fun watch for the videos alone – and it might inspire your next great idea!

Glassdoor | 7 great employer brand videos

Employer branding continues to be a hot topic, and some companies are really taking it to the next level. See how seven companies communicate their employer brand using great storytelling from their employee’s perspectives and a variety of creative approaches (even puppets!).

AdWeek | The story behind LEGO’s brilliant “Build the Future” print ads

Ads that inspire can make you feel that anything is possible. Whether you’re a kid or still a kid at heart, LEGO’s “Build the Future” ads by Ogilvy Thailand, say it all, and embody their LEGO’s vision to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.

Verge | Google’s AI doodle bot will transform your crude drawings into glorious art

From brainstorming to doodling, wireframes to process flows, AutoDraw, is more than just fun, it’s practical. Created by Google, AutoDraw creates clip art out of your handmade doodles. Use your own sketches or choose from the neatly drawn images it suggests based on what you draw on screen. Plus, there’s no software to download and nothing to buy, and it works on your desktop, phone or tablet. What’s a better way to market your brand than to make an innovative piece of free software that delights your audience?

Vox | Bad typography has ruined more than just the Oscars

Typography matters, and bad typography can have negative consequences. This insightful video by Vox shows how simple typographical changes could have prevented one of the biggest flubs in award show history earlier this year: #OscarFail. It also features examples of how poor typography ruins other experiences like taking medicine incorrectly because of confusing bottle labels and contested elections due to poorly designed election ballots.

Hurricane Strong Creatives | Our industry’s innovative response to disaster

We saw significant devastation and damage from hurricanes and other natural disasters this year, so we were encouraged by all the good news stories – like this one – that came out of these heartbreaking events. Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands – including their marketing and communications industry. While businesses halted advertising and other non-critical functions, some creative agencies shut down. The response: #HurricaneStrongCreatives, a platform and communications hashtag designed to connect creatives displaced by hurricane damage with agencies worldwide who are looking for talent.

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