Links We Savor: #WhopperSeverance, Generic Millennial Ads, The Power of Diversity and More!

Our roundup of the most compelling, click-worthy and inspirational content around the web.

  1. AdWeek | New York Yankees Promotes Themselves in Wix Ad

    In a world where recognition matters, the New York Yankees and Wix partnered for an ad with a funny spin on marketing efforts. The video gently teases the country’s most loved and hated team, while hitting on the importance of branding and promotion – often in unusual ways.

  2. Adage | Generic Millennials Ad

    Are all Millennials really the same? In this ad created entirely using stock footage, the creators give marketers one thing to consider: Some clichés are just played out. Try something different…or just enjoy this generic ad.

  3. Adage | Honda Fit Ads Target Various Audiences

    Who knew an entire ad set could fit in a car? In these Honda Fit ads, viewers see that the subcompact car is still roomy enough to fit many items in the trunk and still have space – no matter your age, background or lifestyle.

  4. MarketingWeek | L’Oreal’s Power of Diversity Ad

    If the power of diversity means connecting with and broadening your audience for increased sales, then L’Oreal gets it. In their recent campaign to show their full spectrum of skin-toned shades (23 total), they show why they are the number one brand for beauty and position themselves as having products for everyone (even men).

  5. FastCompany | Burger King’s Whopper Severance Campaign

    #WhopperSeverance: In Burger King’s new social media campaign, the company is offering a free 30-minute session with career services firm The Muse plus a Whopper® to the first 100 LinkedIn users who publicly admit to having been fired. By connecting BK’s fire-grilled burgers to the idea of getting fired is a creative way to leverage the professional networking platform, where ads are usually career-focused.

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