Links We Savor: Google Logo Debate, #HurricaneStrongCreatives, Hedgehog Adventures and More!

  1. Creative Bloq | Google Logo Sparks Debate about “Correct Design”

Google updated its logo a few years ago, but the debate is still alive and well today. Should logos be designed to be geometrically perfect? Good logo design is a combination of form, function, and an accurate representation of the brand – which may require a few steps outside of geometric ideal. Here, Google shows what our designers have known all along – that there’s a time and place for mathematical accuracy – but sometimes, the best choice is an optical illusion.


  1. Hurricane Strong Creatives | Our Industry’s Innovative Response to Disaster

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands – including their marketing and communications industry. Brands halted their advertising, and damage to power and water systems forced agencies to shut down, leaving talented professionals without jobs. But many of the people affected are responding with #HurricaneStrongCreatives, a platform and communications hashtag designed to connect creatives displaced by hurricane damage with agencies worldwide, looking for talent.

  1. Coleman | A Tiny Hedgehog’s Camping Adventures Almost Break the Internet

Azuki, a tiny Japanese hedgehog, is making a name for himself – and for the Coleman outdoor equipment company. Azuki embarked on an outdoor trip with custom-made, tiny camping gear, including tent, kayak and grill. The photos are just too cute to miss – as shown by his more than 171,000 Instagram followers.


  1. AdWeek | “Would You Rather” Schools Marketers About Millennials

When the 9GAG internet meme site teamed up with the GfK research firm to survey Millennials in a giant game of Would You Rather, they learned a lot. For those who don’t know, the popular game forces players to choose sides about what they value most in life. And this AdWeek infographic of those survey findings shows that the majority of Millennials are self-starters who value their real friends more than their Instagram followers. Check out the infographic to see what else Millennials value.


  1. Marketing Dive | Dunkin’ Donuts Inspires Consumers with Halloween Spirit

In addition to their Halloween decorated donuts, Dunkin’ Donuts has introduced new beverages, promotions and two social media campaigns. Winners of their Instagram Halloween costume contest will receive $2,500 cash and free coffee for year. And if Snapchat is more up your alley, their new matching game “Donut Pop” features special Halloween-themed geofilters, lenses and emojis.

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