Links We Savor: Marketing to Millennials


AdWeek | How Atlanta is using Video Streaming to Lure Millennials to Jobs

With so many job opportunities across major cities, cities are in a battle to attract the best young talent that will keep their economies booming. Check out how a video streaming platform is helping Atlanta convince millennials to live and work here.

Entrepreneur | Hitting the Marketing Email Sweet Spot with Millennials

Email marketing remains highly effective for engaging audiences – even social media-savvy millennials. This infographic gives you a great, at-a-glance snapshot of how to get real results from your email marketing.

Forbes | How Millennial Marketing is Changing the Future of B2B

Attention spans are shrinking, social sharing is on the rise and influencers are dominating the digital landscape. But attention to three key areas can help you make the most of your B2B marketing.

Bloomberg | Having Trouble Marketing to Millennials? Invent a New Generation

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” And that’s what MillerCoors is trying to do. While everyone else is seeking out Millennials, this beer brewer invented – and is marketing to – a fresh, sub-generation. See how.

LinkedIn | How to Effectively Market to Millennials in only 4 Steps

With their increasing purchasing power, millennials are changing the old rules of marketing and advertising. Will approaches that have worked in the past still work now? Take a peek at four essential things to know about winning over this highly desirable audience.


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