Life at Relish: Our Spirit Animals


Have you ever considered what animal you would be if you weren’t human? Or do you identify with a certain creature based on your personality? Check out the Relish Team’s spirit animals and how each translates to the work we do in and out of the office.

Wolf: Much like a wolf, I’m flexible and adaptable. I am often looking for something new and don’t like planning much.

At Relish, I love taking on new challenges and broadening my knowledge base, both in the programs that I use, and in my understanding of marketing in general.

Hawk: Like Hawks, I have the power to see clearly what others cannot.

I use this ability to find and fine-tune the most minor of details to make sure our work at Relish is perfect for our clients.

Dolphin: Dolphins are intelligent, curious and playful. They have extremely well developed hearing and communications skills, with large vocabularies and the ability to think contextually. They’re social and protective of each other and even of different species. Dolphins dive and swim deep, but their natural buoyancy always brings them back to the surface.

I try to bring intelligence, curiosity and playfulness to my work at Relish. I’m always listening for anything that can help me better understand our clients’ communications needs. I thrive on creative engagement with our Relish team and clients. I like to “dive deep” to learn as much as I can about our clients and their businesses. And, like the dolphin, I tend toward buoyancy – always looking to turn challenges into opportunities.

Giraffe: Not only is the Giraffe elegant and graceful, but she has the capacity to see beyond her immediate surroundings to what lies ahead. Requiring little sleep, the Giraffe is energetic and long-lasting.

Unlike this beautiful creature, I require more than 20 minutes of sleep a day and elegance and gracefulness are characteristics I admire in others but sadly can’t claim for myself. Beyond these physical characteristics, however, the Giraffe’s symbolism aligns with my ability in business to see beyond what’s in front of me and chart a path to the future. Also, like the Giraffe, I have the potential to rise up to almost any occasion, and I place great trust in my intuition and perceptive abilities to guide me in making wise decisions. Like the Giraffe, I seek out the best that life has to offer including surrounding myself with talented, open and gracious colleagues, clients and advisors.

Owl: Owls are calm, observant and wise. They’re highly efficient hunters, able to pursue their prey in complete darkness. Plus, owls are just damn cute.

At work, I leverage my observation skills to make sound judgments and believe that a calm approach can help me overcome issues that can get in the way of productivity. I attack projects with a vengeance. And I often find that I do my best work “in the dark,” tackling work with limited information; I get a kick out of using that ability to create solutions and get things done.

Otter: I find purpose in supporting and helping others. I take interest in many different things and have a lot of curiosity.

A lot of my job has to do with making sure other creatives are able to do their jobs. I am interested in many different design disciplines, and enjoy bringing the right people together to make projects the best and most creative that they can be.

Deer: I am kind and gentle in both personal and professional encounters. I am sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others. I am eager and hardworking.

In addition to my daily roles, at Relish, I look for areas where people are struggling, and I help in any way I can! I am always trying to lift the spirits of my coworkers.

Hummingbird: Hummingbirds are independent, playful and fully present in life. If you’ve ever watched a hummingbird, you’ve likely seen them change directions swiftly and smoothly (even moving backwards at times). They’re also incredibly resilient, often traveling great distances over long periods of time.

At Relish, I’m a strategic conduit between our amazing clients and our talented team. Flexibility and resiliency are key in keeping projects on task, the team motivated and our clients happy. It’s a roll-with-the-punches and roll-up-your-sleeves kind of role that requires flexibility and creative problem-solving. All with a positive and playful mindset.

Fox: The fox is often associated with being tricky, however a fox as a spirit animal can also represent a teacher providing guidance on finding a way around an obstacle.

Like a fox, I am responsive, quick, and sometimes cunning! But above all, I try to be adaptable to tricky situations. My inspiration on choosing a fox as my spirit animal comes from the desire to sharpen my mental skills: analytical intelligence, power of deduction, and dealing with daily matters or bigger projects.

Butterfly: Most of my life has been about growth, transformation and moving through different life cycles. I admire the beauty of the butterfly and its ability to fly freely. During moments when I am having a hard time, much like the butterfly, while the obstacles I face (pupa) may be ugly and dark, in the midst of those situations, I am transforming and eventually emerge triumphant (as a beautiful butterfly).

I have the ability to handle many projects at once and I’m flexible enough to wear many hats. At Relish, I am able to support multiple areas without experiencing burnout. I enjoy taking on new assignments, learning additional skills and continuously growing professionally so I can apply what I’ve learned at work.

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