Life at Relish: The One App You Can’t Live Without


It’s easy to forget that smartphones didn’t always have vast app stores and ecosystems; just over a decade ago, the apps that came on your phone were the apps you were stuck with. Today, however, we have an enormous selection of apps at our disposal to use for anything our hearts desire.

Among the millions of apps out there, many of us have chosen apps that entertain and educate us as well as apps that are absolute necessities. Check out some of the apps that our team at Relish use often and feel like we can’t live without.

Just one?? I like LastPass, which is like a vault for all the different passwords I need for all the different sites and services I use. I rely on Dark Sky to tell me not just if it’s likely to rain – but what the weather is likely to be at very specific times — like when I’m about to go for a bike ride. PocketCast and Spotify are my go-to’s to make my nearly one-hour commute much easier. And NoMoRobo is worth every penny I pay for it (about $20/year) because it tells me if an incoming call is a robo-dialed telemarketing/political call and gives me the option to dismiss it.

While I appreciate the convenience and/or entertainment value of many apps, the one I use multiple times a day every day is 1Password. It’s a secure vault for my life, containing passwords to the hundreds of sites I visit routinely as well as personal data related to reward programs, financial accounts, and memberships. Plus it syncs all data across all of my devices. It makes my life so much simpler.

My favorite app is Airbnb. I love planning trips and finding new places to visit and Airbnb lets me browse all around the world. And because I love being organized, Trip it is a great companion app to Airbnb.

My favorite app is Acorns. It rounds up every transaction in your bank account, then invests that spare change into a stock portfolio. It’s a great way to save money without having to think about it.

Mine is probably iHeartRadio. I like being able to listen to live radio from other cities or get local stations with better sound quality than through regular broadcast.

My pick is Instacart. Although I primarily shop for my meats and produce at the DeKalb Farmer’s Market, I utilize Instacart regularly to handle the remainder of my grocery shopping during the week. My work and personal schedules are pretty hectic and Instacart helps me save on errand time so that I can keep up with a healthy cooking schedule and maintain my daily/weekly/monthly tasks!

Pinterest is easily my favorite app. I look at it like Google for images and I’m not sure how I would find recipes, travel inspiration, plan events or do DIY projects without it.


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