Life at Relish: Our Favorite Pantone Colors

Here at Relish, we work with Pantone colors all the time, so we thought it would be fun to poll the team on what their favorite Pantone color is. Here’s what they had to say:

My favorite Pantone color is 9121. It reminds me of the see grass and the dunes at Tybee Island. One of my favorite places to hang out.

At first, I was going to say some shade of red because all of my favorite teams share that color (UGA, Atlanta United, Hawks, Falcons and Braves) but I’m going with Pantone 2235 C (which is a blue/green or teal). To me, this color signifies warmth and calmness. It gives me a feeling of home and relaxation which we could all use more of in our lives. It’s also my theoretical lightsaber color!

I love neutral colors and I especially love grays. So my pick is PMS Cool Gray 2 C. It goes with anything!

I like big bold intense colors that are saturated with energy. My favorite color is Relish Purple PMS 7678 C. It has so much depth and personality to it…which makes it the fitting color to represent our brand!

I like Pantone 3035c because it is a bold, cool and deep blue—it reminds me of the ocean.

“Rainbow” has long been my standard answer to, “What’s your favorite color?” I like rich, jewel tones and what I love best is how different groupings of colors look together, the effect that they have on each other. But if I look at all my favorite palettes, one color does emerge pretty often, and that’s something around PMS 3145, a bright, deep-sea hue. It inspires me to feel both centered and energized while making shades of sand, amber, lime, and violet pop!

My favorite color is Cerulean Blue – close to sky blue/azure but not as vibrant. Offered in the 24 count and up Crayola boxes, this crayon always wore out first. I had an art teacher in elementary school who MADE us fill up the entire page with color when we were drawing (which completely goes against the idea of artistic expression, in my opinion), so I drew a lot of skies and oceans.

Anyway, it’s Pantone 291.

Since I was a child, I’ve always liked a rich, deep blue. When looking for a color to paint my pre-teen room, it was called Royal Blue. Not until I was in design school did I learn that, while there are many deep shades of blue, almost all with PMS numbers, there was one that had a name. That one has the deep richness, that soothing blue with enough red in it to edge to towards violet, a darkness that was somehow brighter than the other dark blues. My favorite PMS color is Reflex Blue. To find out why it was named, not numbered, you can read more here:

I’ve always been drawn to more neutral and muted colors, but have also always been a huge fan of blues and gray, and Pantone 7542 C captures all of that perfectly.

REL 18-108 APR Digital Marcom Pantone Colors Color WheelREL 18-108 APR Digital Marcom Pantone Colors Color Wheel

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