Life at Relish: How I Work

Here’s some insight into how our Creative Director, Michael Palermo, makes the magic happen in and out of the design studio at Relish.

What’s your morning routine before you dive into work?

Coffee and music on my way to work. My commute is around 30 minutes long, which gives me time to think and plan the day ahead. After coffee in the car, there is more coffee in the office.

What music do you like to listen to? Or do you prefer silence?

I work best when I have headphones in. It keeps distractions to a minimum and allows me to focus. I listen to everything from jazz to ambient electronic music throughout the day. Spotify is the main reason I get anything done!

What do you like to do on your breaks to reset your brain?

When I need a break, or want to think about a specific project in a different setting, I take a walk around our office complex. We have a great building with green space, which gives me a very relaxing way to change the scenery up.

What are your go-to resources for inspiration?

My main source for creative inspiration is to look through online portfolios. It’s the easiest way to sift through the enormous amount of creative content out there. Seeing the great work others are doing is necessary for my daily motivation and inspiration.

What tools do you use to get work done?

Adobe Creative Suite – my main set of design tools
Spotify – music for focus
Behance – creative portfolios and projects for inspiration

Bonus: Get inspired by Michael’s productivity playlist and favorite portfolios

What’s your strategy to get through your tasks each day?

Since I’m extremely visual – large, colorful Post-it Notes are my main tool for staying organized and on top of daily tasks. Since most of my work is done on digital devices, I love being able to physically check off items with analog tools.

What’s your preference for when you work and why?

I do some of my best work at home on the couch with some kind of noise in the background (Netflix or music). I’m able to run ideas by my wife, who is also a designer; that outside perspective can be very helpful.

What do you do at the end of your afternoon to prepare for the next work day?

I check in with my team at the end of every day to make sure there are no loose ends and to mentally prepare myself for my 30-minute commute home.

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