The Importance of Quality Product Photography

When the headlines talk about how we’re living in a digital age, that also means that we’re living in a visual age. According to neuroscience research, 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. And, in a world in which online shoppers usually bypass the experience of touching and feeling a product, your imagery must be powerful enough to essentially replace the customers’ five senses.

In other words, now more than ever, it’s imperative to have great quality photography and consistent imagery to support your branding and messaging. And since everyone has a camera – at least on their phones – getting the right photo should be easy, right?

Not so fast. Great photography that truly reinforces your brand requires more than a decent camera. When creating product photography for your brand, keep these three important rules in mind:

1. Be Consistent

If you’ve worked with us – or even read our blog posts – you know that we’re sticklers about consistency. That’s because brand consistency should translate across all touchpoints of your brand. Every image should have a consistent look and feel. Take note of dominant colors, levels of brightness, darkness and contrast, the tone of the image, etc. And don’t forget about the role that the background plays in image consistency. Products against various backgrounds can be confusing for the customer and can look cluttered on your website. So, choose a consistent, aesthetically pleasing background.

2. Think Like Your Customer

If you were purchasing this product, how would you like it to be displayed for you to feel confident enough to purchase it? Is this a product where they would be concerned about the texture? If so, be sure to include images that give the customer an idea of what the product feels like. Will the customer understand the benefit implied by the screen on your device? The more you can make the image feel like part of your customer’s experience, the better.

3. Make Them Professional

Don’t underestimate the details that make the difference between a professional looking image and one that was snapped on someone’s mobile phone (although a smart, professional photographer can get amazing results with an iPhone). If you are selling the same product as one of your competitors at the same price, the customer will more than likely go with the company that displays the product in the best way. If you don’t own the proper equipment, aren’t familiar with lighting and editing, or have not created successful product photography before, you should strongly consider hiring a professional to do it for you. Getting it right the first time will ultimately generate savings. And quality photography will position your products and brand in the right light for your customers (pun intended).

Photography is a key element of your brand – whether it reinforces your brand identity or merely shows off your products. Position your brand as the top contender in your market by elevating your product photography and setting yourself apart from competitors. And, just as a more attractive presentation can make a meal taste better, better quality photography can lead to more traffic, more sales conversions and happy customers.


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