Five Things Authentic Communicators Have in Common

Everyone wants to come across as an authentic communicator. Authenticity generates trust and welcomes engagement. It encourages loyalty. And, it guides people along the sales journey, often improving sales. At the same time, authentic communications are harder than ever to create. In a world of Facebook groups, message boards, and public servers, consumers have so many ways to become immersed in the things that interest them – which means they are more savvy and aware than ever. They can spot insincerity, vagueness, and stretched truths in an instant.

As marketers and brand strategists, we’ve got to take the hint. When it comes to communicating about everything from our products and services to our value propositions and work environments, authenticity is essential. So, our Relish team set out to discover what differentiates authentic communicators from everyone else. And our findings identified five qualities of our clients whose communications consistently radiate authenticity.


If you’re bringing products or services to consumers, you better believe in their ability to improve the lives of others. If you don’t, your communications will feel fake, especially to consumers who may genuinely care about your product. The more knowledgeable and passionate they are about your industry or where it touches their business, the more they will want to see the same kind of passion in your communications.

For instance, when Mueller & Associates commissioned us to create a series of videos highlighting their services and culture, company President and Founder Brian Mueller was adamant about expressing an authentically passionate tone. Specifically, the videos would have to project the same confident, high-end experience that his successful, entrepreneurial clients enjoy when working with the firm.


An informed audience can tell when you’re faking it, talking at them instead of with them. That’s why authentic communicators put themselves in the position of their customers and prospects.

“Mueller & Associates was built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs,” declares Brian Mueller at the start of one of his company’s videos. It’s a simple statement that immediately establishes a sense of connection and engagement. It also encourages clients to trust that Mueller will do the best possible work because they’re all similar leaders engaged in similar efforts.


When most people talk about communicating a brand, they think about how a company displays itself to its customers. However, anyone who’s ever had a partner can tell you that communication is a two-way street. And, in marketing as in life, getting to know your audience is just as valuable as getting them to know you.

Authentic communicators are as concerned about what their audiences have to say as they are about being heard. For example, marketers at the Lenbrook senior living community in Atlanta frequently talk to residents about what they like best about living there and where they see opportunities for improvement. These conversations generate insights that enable us to craft genuine, engaging marketing material for them.


If you want to stand out in 2022, find ways to show the human side of your organization. After all, as your customers interact more with your product and brand, it’s only natural that they want to know more about the people behind it.

Financial requests run the risk of seeming cold or cloying. However, when Relish worked with Columbia Theological Seminary to promote annual giving opportunities, we avoided those pitfalls by focusing on real-world stories. Throughout the copy, anecdotes showed how Columbia has impacted the lives of its students, graduates, and donors, conveying the myriad ways in which this vibrant, humanistic organization has made a tangible difference to many. The result was a meaningful connection between donor contributions and their lasting impact.


When you’re passionate about something, you can talk about it in great detail and with a high degree of accuracy. But, the most authentic communicators know how to draw audiences in with a clear, simple language that anyone can understand. Too many communicators make the mistake of sharing big chunks of knowledge all at once. This is the marketing equivalent of over-sharing in a personal conversation. The most authentic communicators communicate expertise while also leaving room for audiences to want more and engage further with the brand.

The days of casting a wide net are waning, if not already over. The key to flourishing in this new age is the ability to connect with passionate, knowledgeable, primarily digital communities whose members want more than sales pitches. Pursue that kind of connection, and you open the door to fresh, creative communication that rings true and pays off in the form of better customer relationships, loyalty, and sales.

If you want to catapult your company into the era of authentic communicators, give us a call. We would love to help your brand find its authentic voice.