Five Elements of an Amazing Social Media Campaign

We’re at a point now at which everyone’s on social media – so it has to be part of your integrated marketing efforts. But it’s not enough to just be on social media. We’ve identified five key elements – and tips for capitalizing on each one – to help you get the most from your social presence:



Where do you start when launching a social media campaign? With your target audience? Sure, but you must begin with a plan consisting of who, what, when, where and how. Include an editorial calendar that lists WHO is responsible for each aspect of the campaign and the frequency of WHEN you will post content with campaign start and end dates. WHAT goals you are trying to accomplish, and HOW you plan to address those (including your budget) should be at the forefront of this plan. The purpose of the campaign is to meet or exceed your objectives, whether that is to increase product sales, promote a new product, or generate more engagement. Don’t forget to include WHERE you will post to ensure you are promoting across your various social channels.

Tip: A social media scheduler can be used to post on various social media platforms to save time and simplify your social media campaign.


Next, develop compelling content with a message that engages your target audience. Your content should be tailored to your audience and for the social media platforms you’ll be using. You don’t necessarily need different content for each platform, but it should vary slightly depending on the social channel. On Twitter, you can only use 140 characters, but you have more space on Facebook (although you should avoid writing a short novella to get your point across).

Tip: Learning the purpose behind each social media platform helps you develop content specifically for each.


What’s a message  without a visual? A perk of social media is that it allows people to SEE what you are communicating as well as read it. Add videos or photos to your content to capture your audience’s attention. Give them something to talk about. Visuals should be modified to suit the platform they are posted on.

Tip: Creating images with your audience and brand in mind is an effective way to drive high level engagement.


An important question to ask yourself while crafting a social media campaign: “Is this campaign consistent with our company’s brand?” The answer should be yes every time. A social media campaign is an extension of your marketing strategy. And your marketing should always be cohesive with your brand. Every image and piece of content should be a direct representation of your company. The thoughts you want people to remember about your social media campaign should be the same as what you want them to think of in regards to your brand.

Tip: Crafting a campaign consistent with your brand will build and expand your brand’s identity.


Before launching your social media campaign, put  tools in place to measure the outcome. Metrics will show if and how you met your goals. The results of your campaign can be used to address areas of improvement for future promotions.

Tip: Several tools double as a platform to run your unique social media campaign and collect campaign performance data.


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