Employee Branding Matters

In an age of online talent acquisition systems, 24/7 social media presence and independent sites such as Glassdoor and Linked In where prospective employees learn about and rate a company, it is more critical than ever that companies take stock of their employer brand.

The investment in employer branding seems to pay off for those who make it as:

  • 90% reported improvements retaining current employees, increased engagement and job satisfaction, and more success at attracting good candidates
  • 72% believed that branding led to improved business results [1]

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to have a strong employer brand is the cost per hire. A strong employer brand reduces turnover by 28% and cost per hire by 50%. [1]

To get results, employer branding must tell a compelling story about a company’s culture, values and the opportunities for advancement. Strong employer branding uses three tried and true storytelling rules.

Find your Voice. The voice of an employer brand is an element of the overall company brand. Make sure the brand voice is echoed in the employer promise and will help job seekers understand the company’s values, tone and culture.

Show. Don’t Tell. Telling a prospective employee that this company is a great place to work is about as compelling as telling a reader that this is a very sad moment. In employer branding where websites and social media are the tools of the trade, showing means going beyond text and incorporating captivating images and video.

Make every word work hard. In a world where attention spans and screens have grown smaller, the fewer words the better. Every word that is used must contribute something important to the employer promise and must speak to the applicant and employee.

Without the right people in the right places, a company cannot succeed. It only makes sense to invest in a strong employer brand to attract – and retain – the right talent.

[1] G2 Employer Branding Study, 2020